Pinky Bet Stuff

Yeah, I’m posting today just to say “nyah-nyah” to the cutie pie who bet me breakfast at Waffle House on Sunday night that the Mavs would lose. I’m a really bad winner – I couldn’t wait to get online to do this. To all you losers who rooted against the Mavericks – hah!

Dude and I did the official pinky bet so there’s no getting out of this committment to feed me. For those unfamiliar, the pinky bet is stronger than a handshake and it’s an unbreakable committment to perform. I could go on the Judge Mathis show and the pinky bet defense would win my case.

The interlocking of pinky fingers and the thumb touch/push thing are the ritual motions necessary to insure that the pinky bet is actually valid. The ages of those entering into the agreement is of no consequence. If a three year old makes a pinky bet deal with me, the young ‘un had better pay.

I’ve heard of a case where one of the pinky bettors didn’t pay up, but it may be just urban legend lore – I mean, how could you walk with your head held high in the ‘hood, if everybody knew that you welshed out on a pinky bet? Reputation is everything.


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