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Buzzwords. The rampant use is annoying as hell.

Have you ever listen to a speaker drone on for 20 minutes and wondered, “what the hell is he talking about?” Some folks are unable to speak without using certain popular phrases or words. Some people feel that the insertion of these words make the speaker seem more informed.

The words in parenthesis are what I think when I hear these overused lines.

Synergy. (I can’t really express what I need to say…hmmmm “synergy” sounds good. I’ll say it.)
Leverage. (When does this concept fit into a staff meeting?)
Issues. (my serious pet peeve – almost everything can be termed an issue – just sounds stupid to me)
Thinking outside the box. (C’mon – we’re operating inside the corporate box – it’s just something that people say but don’t really mean.)
X Factor. (Duh)
Win-Win. (Oh, please…)

Please stop the madness! Let’s have meetings and conversations without using ANY OF THESE WORDS OR PHRASES. Please.



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2 responses to “Random Stuff

  1. lynnie

    You forgot “The bottom line is…” and “We Really Need You to Step Up To the Plate”. Barry Bonds gets paid big bucks to step up to the plate – I DO NOT!

    And, while it is not business related — “Closure” At the end of a relationship, etc, there is ALWAYS stuff that you wish you’d said. Going back one more time to say some old movie line – or to quote Dr Phil, will not make you the winner! Seeing the person who hurt someone you love get punished will NOT make you happy. Tell youself – in your head, or out loud (if I am not in the room) — it is over, the train has left the station, the ship has sailed, Elvis has left the building (feet first on a strecher); ANYthing to let yourself know that IT IS OVER and MOVE ON!

  2. jali


    OMG! I missed all of those – I was reading and cracking up!

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