Blog of The Week Stuff

Steph is, well… Steph. You’ll see…




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9 responses to “Blog of The Week Stuff

  1. Evolution of gina

    Love that pic, sis! Are those dreds or twists? Too cute!!!

  2. Les

    I just wanted to say hi and thanks for stopping by my site. I think we have the only TWO blogs like this. I also see you are a newbie. Welcome.

  3. Steph

    Awww thanks so much.
    And YOU. You is HAWT!

  4. jali


    I started locking my hair in August 2003 and I finally can swing it around and stuff (smile)


    Thanks for the warm welcome and I bookmarked your site so I’ll see you again soon. Please have snacks available.


    Gotta share a good thing.

  5. Charred

    I like Steph.

    I’m glad that this cracker cracked you up, too.

  6. jali

    Jali< ---- frozen just like a deer in headlights. Talking to self: OMG – Charred (yanno, Charred the famous from ‘ITTM’) came to visit… Thanks dude!

  7. Crassius Maximus

    Hey yo, thanks for stoppin’ by The Jammy.The spot you have linked up (The Aussie girl) is wild to say the least.

  8. ~d (tilde)

    Jali-I saw your holla on Smokin’ site-abt challenges. Yes ma’am. You have me pegged! Also-I am not the person you should ‘dare’ to do something. I think you and I would get along JUST FINE!
    *BTW, I went to Steph’s*

  9. Charred


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