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I drove to Delaware from Georgia on Thursday after work, then back to Georgia again on Saturday night. The drive took about 12 hours each way. (Yes, I still went skating last night)

My uncle Roger died last week and his funeral was on Friday morning. Relatives came in from all over the country to say goodbye and I could do no less. (yes, that was me flying past you on I95 at 4 in the morning)

Uncle Roger was known in our family for two things: his thriftiness and his sense of humor.

I’m unable to discuss my uncle’s thriftiness here – I don’t wish to get in trouble with my family.

A few years back, my Auntie Ro had to have a toe amputated. Uncle Roger went out and bought her some socks made with individual toes. He cut off the sock toe to correspond with her amputation. The rest of us were handling the toe situation delicately and his joke was exactly what my auntie needed at the time. He made us laugh whether we wanted to or not.

We laughed a lot in Delaware after the funeral. Old stories were retold, old tricks played on each other, old wounds opened and rehealed, and new bonds forged. We were able to get to know each other again for a few hours.

We made the same promise that we always do after a funeral: “we’ve got to get together again soon. We can’t wait for someone to pass away.”

I hope we keep the promise this time.



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11 responses to “Family Stuff

  1. Rev. Smokin Steve

    You drove right past me. I drove through Delaware over the weekend too.

    Where were you?

  2. heartinsanfrancisco

    I’m sorry about your uncle. The sock story tells a lot, and is in keeping with both his humor and thriftiness since he discarded the sock toe that she didn’t need. Perfect!

    He probably had to pay full price for the pair, though.

  3. SKp

    It’s a shame how families need an excuse to get together. My family? Hell, we don’t even use the excuses… we’d rather not be in each other’s company. Sad now that I sit back and think about it.

  4. Xquizzyt1

    I hate blogger. It ate my comment. 3rd one today. Suffice to say that it seems every family goes through that… where it takes some BIG event, whether wedding or funeral… for them all to get together. *sigh* I miss my family living all the way down here.

  5. Luke Cage

    Condolenses to you and your family for your loss. I wasn’t on 95 this weekend though, but I think I felt a serious draft go through the interstate that carved a serious hole through all of that rain we’ve been getting in Va. Some serious speed there miss!

  6. jali


    I thought of you sine i’ve been passing your baby photo as my child here at work, you’re family too. Camping hmmm? …Brokeback in MD.


    You get him down pat- he was a funny dude! Thanks for the condolences and the love!


    It is sad that your family doesn’t like to get together. Maybe YOU can be the uniting force abd be the one to plan… Skippy….yoo-hoo Skippy… come back here!


    But isn’t “down here” nice?

    BTW – do you roller skate? Were you at Buster’s in Riverdale on Sunday night? If so, I was the cool chick there. If not, I was still the cool chick there.


    Thank you for the kind thoughts. I’ll send you a warning before my next trip through Va. (end of July)

  7. ~d (tilde)


    I was thinking about-and talking about funerals the other day. There is someone I know I will eventually run into at a funeral…like-hopefully both of us visitors, not the visit-ee.


    God Bless your family through this time. I hope you have some belief that makes Uncle’s passing easier to bear.

  8. jali


    Thank you so much – especially for the blessings.

    I imagine all my dead relatives hanging out together somewhere and that they all welcomed Uncle Rog to the party. It helps me get through stuff like this.

  9. d~

    “We laughed a lot in Delaware after the funeral. Old stories were retold, old tricks played on each other, old wounds opened and rehealed, and new bonds forged. We were able to get to know each other again for a few hours.”

    I’m inclined to think Uncle Roger would have liked this. He sounds like a heck of a guy.

  10. NeverEnough

    THAT is a long drive!

    Good post by the way…

  11. jali

    d~ (I’mm calling you “post” and ~d will be know as “pre” just to keep you guys straight in my mixed up head).

    I think Uncle Rog would too.


    Thank you! I’m driving to DC in a couple of weeks for an online meet. I won’t be driving so fast this time.

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