Unfair Stuff

I’ve been looking through the different blog pages I regularly visit and I’ve been getting pissed. Yes folks, pissed. Pissed at the various authors of said pages since I am obviously not being entertained when there are no new posts. Page after page of stuff I’ve seen before – NO UPDATES. “C’mon people,” I thought to myself. “Let’s get to work!”

Then it hit me.

I haven’t posted since Monday and the post before that was about a week ago. Who the hell am I to get pissed at everyone else in Blogland for doing pretty much what I do?

There’s the rub – I’m a “do as I say, not as I do” person sometimes and I have standards that I expect others to uphold. I give myself a pass since I understand what sweet Jali is going through. (did you all know that God is cool with me too – I expect an ‘A’ for effort in the end – good intentions and all that)

Here are a few of my faults that I will acknowledge here:

I look at drivers who try to pass me on the highway as reckless assholes but I’m willing to speed like crazy at times (“I’m an excellent driver… an excellent driverit’s a name that film moment).

I’ll hold up the grocery line to get my .45 cents off using my coupons, but get pissed off if someone in front of me does the same thing. (I know it doesn’t make sense)

I’ll offer to pay for the first dinner but will never go out with you again and consider you a cheap bastard if you let me pay on a first date.

I said “a few” so that’s it for now.

Totally unrelated thought: “A”, you’re the greatest!



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12 responses to “Unfair Stuff

  1. Rev. Smokin Steve

    This is my line for the first date… I always paid no matter what unless they absolutely insist on going dutch beforehand, which happened once.

    When I pay, and the lady objects, I always said they could pay for the second date if they wanted.

  2. ~d (tilde)

    These ppl you get pissed at: do you ‘holla’ at them-or just carry-on?
    I ‘holla’ at ’em.

  3. jali


    Good to hear.
    See folks – a gentleman who gets a second date!


    I scream at the other drivers (with my windows rolled up since I’m the original punk!) I just make mean faces at the grocery store, but the person probably doesn’t even know I’m doing it and I probably just look crazy.

  4. Mike

    I’ve cut my blogging down some the last couple of weeks…busy, busy, busy…which actually has the same amount of letters as lazy, lazy, lazy.

  5. ~d (tilde)

    GURL-come on and pop by my place. No telling where my head will be:
    1. up my ass
    2. needing meds
    3. FULLA the meds

    ~d heart Jali

  6. d~


    She popped by MY place!


    I love how that happened.

  7. jali


    I’ll have to start writing my own post before reading yours from now on or I’ll be too depressed to write – you’re just THAT good!

    ~d and d~

    I GOT SOOOOO CONFUSED. I Wrote a note about the G-string that ~d bought on Smokin’ Steve’s site on d~’s page. Anyway…I’m happy to know you both.

  8. Lynn

    All I have to say regarding the grocery line is: Oh, so you’re one of THOSE people. 🙂

    I think it’s easy to excuse ourselves or exempt ourselves from things because we have a deep understanding for our own personal intentions and motivations. I have been trying hard lately to understand the intentions of others and that leads to patience and patience leads to ….who knows, love and understanding in the end??

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I will keep up with yours! Looks pretty new. Keep it up.

  9. dirk.mancuso

    I didn’t want to say it…so thank you for (finally) posting.

    I come here and check in and check in and check in and…well, you ain’t been posting!!!!!

    I’m gonna be the bigger blogger and forgive. But only ’cause I really love your tone and voice here. Now update more often, ya hear?

    And oh yeah…that quote? RAINMAN.

  10. jali


    Yup – I’m one of them. I’ll try to be a gentler, kinder person in the future (such a bald face liar)(smile).


    Wow! You’ve been chencking for me – thank you! I’ll improve… and… you got my quote! Ding – ding -ding.

  11. Miss Ann Thrope

    I post nearly everyday. I once got like 30 comments on a post about my pen being out of ink. Heh. It was a social experiment.

    Anyway, I get extremely annoyed on the weekeds when people are out having lives and picnics and lots of fun because they should be posting on their damned blog. what? I’m supposed to entertain myself?

    Some people have absolutely no courtesy even though I continually remind them that I am the only one who matters and they should do my bidding.


  12. jali

    Awwww. Thanks dude! I like pretty!

    You do post a lot, but I think I hit your site before you posted one day and I got pissed with you too.

    Please have snacks ready when I stop by later. TYVM.

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