Vacation Stuff

I went to D.C. (couldn’t find El Guapo, although I tried) and I’m still on vacation. Back on Friday.



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9 responses to “Vacation Stuff

  1. Christina_the_wench

    Well did you get us t-shirts or a spoon or something at least???

  2. Rev. Smokin Steve

    Does El Guapo want to be found?

  3. heartinsanfrancisco

    Well, you’ll have to feed your inner Something Else, then. I think El Guapo is a mythical beast anyway.

    I wondered if you were away. Missed you. Enjoy!

  4. Lynnie

    Hope all is well. Missing my sis and hoping she has purchased herself a new emergency blouse to cover stuff. July 13th.

    I cannot be related to one of those chicks that makes folks wonder is she owns a full length mirror or not.

    Maybe if you grow your hair REALLY LONG….

    Loving you –


  5. Lynnie

    I forgot to mention that you look BEA-U-TI-FUL in your blog pic!

    We really are starting to look alike….

  6. The Stevo in H-Town

    Noticed ya stopped by “The #1 Blog in America” and left a comment…I jus’ got that title in reserve..we don’t use it…Gityer sassy-ass overta “” and droppus a line ever nown’then…

  7. jali

    Decided to keep the spoons once I got home. Isn’t it the thought that counts?

    Smokin’ Steve,
    I just expected to run into a very “El Guapo” guy and just know him on sight.

    Missed you too!

    Hey chick! (this is my baby sister folks) Thanks.
    The photo is the company picture I took a couple of months ago. We really do look alike.

    I will!

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