Blog of the Week Stuff

She’ll shank you if you don’t click the link.



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7 responses to “Blog of the Week Stuff

  1. Mike

    Laurie is hilarious. She’s one of my daily reads. (Now if only she’d post daily…*snickers*)

  2. starbender

    That was great!

  3. Laurie

    Mike – You are next, buddy. All up on a bitch’s SHIT!!!!

  4. Webmiztris

    that’s a great blog – I think I’ve run into it before, and I’ll be back too!

  5. jali

    Advice to all: If you have the time read November 2005 to present on Laurie’s page.

  6. Anonymous

    Wonderful and informative web site. I used information from that site its great. »

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