Odd Stuff

I work in a building in a pretty ritzy part of Atlanta called Buckhead. I’m used to seeing guys in suits in my building – sometimes just nice shirts and ties, but it’s not really a casual workplace. (except for the very rich and talented I.T. guys (hi Tai, hi Chad) who get to wear jeans and polo shirts every day).

As I was walking out to go to lunch (meaning my golden opportunity to smoke… finally) I noticed a guy wearing shorts exiting one of the elevators. I started thinking about his outfit and tried to come up with ten occupations where shorts are normal dress. (just humor me, this is my real life here)

I came up with these:
Zookeeper, Park Ranger, Mail Carrier, UPS/FedEX/DHL folk, Camp Counsellor, Hooters Server – that’s all I got. I can’t think of any more.

Now I’m in the mood to identify as many things as I can in ANY catagory.
So… (for those who get annoyed reading blog lists – now is the time to get out!)

I’m picking my catagory and I’m just going to start naming things. (I warned you – run…NOW!)


My favorite villains in cartoons: (yes, I still watch cartoons – don’t you?)
“Gargamel” – the Smurfs
“Skeletor” – He Man
“Mum-ra” – Thundercats
“Mr. Burns” – the Simpsoms
“Stewie” – the Family Guy

My favorite movie villains:
“Hans Gruber” – Die Hard
“Kaiser Soze” – The Usual Suspects
“Sheriff of Nottingham” – Robin Hood
“Castor Troy” – Face Off
“Agent Smith” – The Matrix
“Alonzo Harris” – Training Day

My favorite TV villains:
“Dr. Zachary Smith – Lost in Space
“J.R. Ewing” – Dallas
“Stringer Bell” – The Wire
“Junior Soprano” – The Sopranos
“Marie” – Everybody Loves Raymond

This was fun. Did I miss any good ones?

I think I’ll do this again using other topics.



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22 responses to “Odd Stuff

  1. Trebuchet

    Ooh, you forgot male lifeguard, water park operator, Crocodile Hunter (which never made any sense to me — if I were the croc hunter, I’d be running around in a suit of chain-mail, but whatever…), landscaper, personal trainer and professional hippie.

  2. Nölff

    They make us wear ties in this 100 degree heat. Ugh.

  3. Amadeo

    I been complaining for years that I can’t wear shorts. A brother in an office on a hot day get’s no outs. I refuse to come to work with a tie and short sleeve shirt like some warehouse manager.
    Twenty Points for the Mr. Smith reference. That’s the first bad guy that I thought had to be gay.

  4. Ben


    Bill the Butcher from that otherwise mediocre movie “Gangs of New York”

    Lil’ Ze from “City of God”, awesomely bad.

    Jonny, the leader of the Cobras from “Karate Kid.”

    Good call on Alonzo!!

    And who could forget Darth Vader?

  5. Ben

    Does Zack Morris from “Saved by the Bell” count as a villian? No? Oh.

  6. Mike

    Hannibal Lecter seemed villainous to me.

  7. heartinsanfrancisco

    I’m with Mike. A guy who literally eats other people would have to top my list.

    I couldn’t help but notice that most of them were male. And you forgot Cruella de Ville. She hurts PUPPIES. C’mon, man, it doesn’t get any worse than that.

  8. Mom of Three

    Hearst is shaping up to be a pretty nice villain on “Deadwood”.

    How about “Roller Derby Queen?” They wear shorts for a living, so do pro soccer players. Carhops? Do they HAVE carhops anymore?

  9. Charred

    You forgot me, your favorite blog villain.

  10. Christina_the_wench

    I have to go with the horror flick thing. My fav. is Freddie Krueger. God, he makes me laugh.

  11. jali

    I really thought about it and couldn’t come up with those. I nevr would have gotten professional hippie – our hippies wear jeans.

    I don’t have the dotty – eye thing to write your name properly – forgive me. Go ahead, loosen your tie.

    What do I get for my 20 points? Speaking of 20, Nov. 20th is my birthday.

    (singing)..the two of us need look no more…we’ve both found what we’ve been looking for…
    I know – you’re tired of that shit – I just couldn’t help myself. I love your crazy page!

    I’ve never seen the movie since I’m the original punk and I’m too scared.

    I didn’t include villains with theme songs. (now I’ll be singing “Cruella DeVille” all morning – thanks)

    mom of three,
    Forgot about Deadwood. You’re right!

    You’re the sweetest honey-bunny villain I know.

    I was too scared to see those movies. I don’t do horror at all anymore.

  12. Heidi the Hick


    You-eight o clock
    You-eight fifteen. Bring a friend.

    And cancel Christmas!

    Alan Rickman rules.

  13. jali

    I’ve always dug that dude! He brings a deliciously evil vibe to all of his work.

  14. Bugwit Homilies

    Shorts: You forgot carnie. Cutoff jeans with tennis shoes and white socks and an AC/DC tee-shirt is the exact uniform, I think.

    Villains: Mr. Burns was always my favorite.

  15. jali

    Hey bugwit homilies,
    You’re right. Theme park employees too. I see I misspelled Simpsons.
    Thanks all for not making a mockery of my spelling skills.

  16. Life, or Something Like It

    Can I just add the Wicked witch from the Wizard Of Oz? She doesn’t eat people,but she contols those creepy as hell flying monkeys.

  17. Bugwit Homilies

    Make fun of you? I wouldn’t dare! 😉

  18. jali

    add her to the list. Those flying monkeys scared me to death as a kid – they still look creepy to me.

    I feel a punchline coming on…

  19. J-Bigg

    What about the Grinch? Or Shredder from TMNT? Lex Luther? Magneto? The Joker? The Riddler? As a matter of fact any Batman villian. Batman, hands down has the best villians. PERIOD. This will not be argued. What about Joe Jackson? Ike Turner?

  20. J-Bigg

    Oh yeah what about Captain Hook?

  21. jali

    This will not be argued? Whoa dude!

    The Joker does not beat Mum-ra. The Penguin does not beat even Gargamel or even Stewie. Jali has spoken!

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