E-Mail Stuff

It’s been said before and I’m sure will be said again. That doesn’t in any way stop me from saying it here. Actually, not much can deter me from speaking out.

(grabs soapbox and steps up)

If you are kind enough to send me a forward, PLEASE DELETE THE ADDRESSES OF THE PREVIOUS 821 PEOPLE WHO WERE SENT THE SAME F***ING EMAIL. Please delete the corporate privacy policy notices for each of the previous 821 people who were sent the mail. I really don’t like scrolling down 7596 lines to get to the message. Also – I had to get a new email addy since my old address has been taken over by spammers. Right now there are over 4900 pieces of spam at the Yahoo address, a direct result of NON-editing of previous addresses. People are forwarding my address indisriminately. Arrrrgh! (and I’m not a pirate like Laurie)

If you have my address them you know me – c’mon you KNOW me. Angel poems with glittering illustrations, pictures of cute kittens and puppies, and urban legend scare messages are not my bag. I’m just not a ” guardian angel poem” kind of chick. I help those less fortunate by sending a check – I don’t forward a letter. You know that if you know me.

Please send me jokes and games (yanno I like stuff like that) and personal messages.

Send this post to 10 people in the next 5 minutes and you’ll have good luck for the next year.
Becky H. didn’t forward this and fell out of a tree. What the hell she was doing in a tree is a mystery to me. Bill Gates will donate $.04 for each forward recorded and the funds will be used for little Timmy’s hernia surgery. Remember, if you eat a watermelon seed, a melon will grow in your belly and you’ll need the same surgery as Timmy.



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33 responses to “E-Mail Stuff

  1. Life, or Something Like It

    Just stopped by. Great blog.

  2. Amadeo

    I hate those forwards with a passion. Any one that says you’ll get bad luck I delete on principle…than I walk under ladders en route to steal leprechaun gold.

  3. Fairmaiden327

    This is an excellent post. I am in total agreement.

  4. ~Deb

    In my opinion Jali, people who send forwards to 50 of their ONLINE friends are people who are trying to ‘get friends’—or keep in touch in a weird way. It’s sad.

    Not to mention, remember back in the days before the internet, when people would snail mail you chain letters? OMG—was that NOT ANNOYING? Now we have it in digital form.


  5. Christina_the_wench

    Oh you go, girl! Preach on! I immediately delete anything that says “I hope I get this back!” in the subject line as well.

    Not likely. More like you’ll be removed from my address book and blocked permenantly.

  6. C

    I know I get these chain emails that claim to have miraculous results. If the first one worked – I would not be broked right now.

  7. Lynn

    Anytime I see Fw: in the subject heading I just delete it. especially if it’s something about a chain letter or (gasp!) a prayer.

  8. Going to the John

    you know thats funny, I just got done jumping someones ass, about one of those forward to 300 ppl. in the next ten mins or a kitten will die crap.

    If fate/God/Micosoft/kids who needed livers etc… were that easy to fix, I would be out of a job.

    ps: feel free to send me dirty pic’s and or jokes.

    all my best,


  9. Blonde Vigilante

    I found this yesterday. I has 10 different games and such to keep you occupied. It killed about 2 hours of my time yesterday. Time I feel is well wasted.


  10. Rev. Smokin Steve

    I think little Timmy is going to die.

    Poor Timmy!

  11. winters

    Jali, you speak the truth once again.

    I hate that spam crap, too. I really believed I’d won a million a week ago. So gullible. And so ******* disappointed.

  12. SKp

    I’m going to send you every forwarded email I’ve received in the last twenty four hours. Get read for some annoying crap!

    Jali, I hear you, lady. I hear you. Honest I’ve been online, but I haven’t been in the Sands as much as I should. Most of my new posts have been over at the new Original Man. I’ll get back to the desert next week.

    Hugs and stuff.

  13. djn

    I usually delete the email if it’s forwarded. I love the emails from people who say, “I never usually send forwards but…”

    Yeah, DELETE.

  14. Bugwit Homilies

    I wish Bush would pull out of Iraq and send the troups to Africa and get those people who keep sending me e-mails trying to pull the Nigerian scam on me. I must get twenty a day. After that, they can move on to Darfur.

    BTW: Marvin’s “What’s Going on” has always hit a nerve with me. Now it makes me want to cry. I thought we’d left all that shit behind.

    Is that weird for a middle-aged white guy?

  15. Miss Ann Thrope

    OMG! I Fucking hate that shit. HATEIT.

    There’s a lady blogger who sends me stuff all the time in mass mail format. She has 2 email addresses I use so I am lucky enough to get 2 copies.

    I wrote her once and told her to stop, apparently she didn’t delete either of my addresses from her “people to spam” list.

    How much will it cost me to have you spam her with multiple little Timmy letters? I give good chocolate.

    PS: If you don’t spam her, you will never find true love or get your wish. Your car won’t start, you’ll get fat and probably have a hive for liiiifffffeeee!

  16. Miss Ann Thrope

    Marvin? Who said Marvin? I think i just had an orgasm.

  17. Ben

    Send this post to 10 people …


  18. Laurie


    is one of my pet ass peeves.

    I don’t “send it back to the person who sent it to you” JUST to see if they get hit by a bus on the way home.


    I also love when they add their two cents, like, “Ya never KNOW!!! Bill Gates could send us a check AND Applebee’s will feed us for life! I’m not gonna take that chance! Sorry!”


    You take a chance of me beatin’ your ASS!!!!!

  19. mist1

    Any email subject line that starts with FW: gets deleted without being opened. That’s just how I am.

  20. Webmiztris

    I always wonder what the hell people were thinking when they send me ‘inspirational’ or religious forwards. it’s like, “do you people know me AT ALL?”

  21. Superstar


    I think if I get one more “BELEIVE IN GOD” “god Loves you” e-mail…I might PUKE!!!!

    Here! HERE! You go!
    ~steps off smaller soap box~

  22. Life, or Something Like It

    where you get those stupid glittery little bugs and flowers? who DOES like them? if I see a blog covered in glitter, I pass. I mean what are you? 12? don’t get me started.

  23. jali

    life, or something like it,
    thanks for the visit. I’ve seen your outstanding page and will be back,.

    I want leprachaun gold (the price of gold has doubled!) – wanna share?

    Thanks so much. I bet some of the people that read this say, “but she doesn’t mean me.”

    Hey dude!

    I hated to get those chain letters. I would be all excited to get mail and open up that disappointing crapola.

    I need to start blocking people too. They really are spammers.

    So right, girl!

    The holy ones kill me especially.

    going to the john,
    You have a great blog too! Check out the link the blonde vigilante gave us.

    blonde vigilante,
    I wasted waaaay too much time playing today.

    rev. steve,
    Maybe you can do a special prayer or something for little Timmy, seeing that your a reverend dude.

    If you HAD won the million, was my B-day gift in the budget?

    No thanks – I’ll be generous and send you mine instead.

    The ones that start like that send the crappiest crap from 2003.

    bugwit homilies,
    I thought all middle aged white guys were weird – as a matter of fact – all middle aged guys period are weird. (I dig your page too!)

    miss ann thrope,
    Please, no orgasms over MY man – not in my house!

    Did you fall out of the tree?

    I have the same stooopid gullible people writing the same stooopid stuff to me.

    Good policy, but doesn’t it still annoy you that they sent it in the first place?

    EXAXCTLY! Do people think I’ve gone all religious now that I live in the holyland (Atlanta – the land of the mega churches)?

    Naw girl, get back up on the soapbox. Your turn!

    I hate shiny glittery blogs too.

  24. Lightning Bug's Butt

    Will do.

  25. Cibbuano

    the people that start those ‘forward this to all your friends!’ emails… what are they getting out of it?

  26. Steph

    One of my all time pet peeves!
    I’m emailing THIS post to all my spam lovin friends. Thank you.

  27. Bugwit Homilies

    Well, if all middle-aged white guys are weird, then I’m perfectly normal!

  28. jali

    Hey lbb,
    Have a good weekend!

    …Or the ones who start the stupid urban legend scare mails – I don’t get it.

    I bet they’ll forward it to to 10 friends each.

    It’s all relative.

  29. Elaine

    Bill Gates still owes me money, that bitch.

    You mean you don’t forward those emails that gives you good luck for five years if you pass it on to five people, but if you don’t pass it on in five minutes you’ll have bad luck for five years!??!?!?!

    You are an inspiration.

  30. heartinsanfrancisco

    While I’m always happy to hear news of my friends’ lives, I don’t understand why someone who purports to like me would threaten me with bad luck including death if I don’t send the hot potato on to everyone I know and love in 5 minutes or less.

    I’m sick of little Timmy, Bill Gates, Irish leprechauns, guardian angels, and other mythical beasts. Cutesy doggies and kitties are so sugary that not deleting them can induce a diabetic coma or at least a big heave. And religion is a private matter and should be one of those don’t ask-don’t tell subjects unless one is in a house of worship. I don’t want to be proselytized by email.

    This is a great post, Jali, and much needed. You rock!

  31. jali

    Thanks. A forward I received just happened to have plucked my last nerve that day.

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