Blog of The Week Stuff

This is by command of the Empress of the World:

Go to the following page immediately.



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12 responses to “Blog of The Week Stuff

  1. Blonde Vigilante

    Okay, I’m heading there right now.

  2. Life, or Something Like It

    OMMYGOD. Too funny. Who is this guy? Hope to God that I never piss him off.

  3. dirk.mancuso

    Jali, you are too kind.

    Big gay hug,


  4. Dark Damian

    Dirk is hilarious, word.

  5. Luke Cage

    Whoa!!! Now, THAT was pretty funny! Good looking out Jali. I may have to make that daily reading. Too hilarious.

  6. Lightning Bug's Butt

    I was there. I lived the dream.

  7. mist1

    Great link. Thanks.

  8. winters

    Good choice, Jali. It’s always nice to find a new one.

  9. C

    that is what I call suffering succotash. That woman need some duct tape.

  10. Bougie Black Boy

    nice blog. Glad I came across it. I’ll have to surf by again

  11. Christina_the_wench

    thanks for the hook-up jali.

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