Redundancy Stuff

Maybe I should rename this weblog, “Jali complaining about every f***ing thing in the world.”
I’ve been in a bad mood all morning and I don’t see the sunlight peeking through the clouds.
Someone just asked me for an “inkpen”. I wasn’t rude, I just handed him a pen while boiling inside.

Redundancy, in general terms, refers to the quality or state of being redundant, that is: exceeding what is necessary or normal; or duplication. (wikepedia)

Redundancy annoys the hell out of me.

Ink Pen
ATM Machine
Fatally Killed
For your FYI
PIN Number

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about I guess I’ll break it down:

Pens when used to write on paper use ink. I don’t know of any other liquid that would be of any use.
Automatic Teller Machine. No reason to add an extra “machine”.
Fatally killed. If you’re killed it’s fatal. If it’s fatal you’re dead. It’s like saying “dead, dead”.
For Your Information. Does “for your for your information” sound good to your ear?
Personal Identification Number. Personal identification number number.

The Taco Bell commercial for “carne asada steak” irks me. Carne asada = grilled meat, so does the sentence translated say grilled meat steak? I never studied Spanish but it seems odd to me. If I’m wrong… (you may not want to correct me today)

I always hated, “Ice, ice, baby.” Was it supposed to be a double your pleasure moment listening to Vanilla Ice?

Why do we all say “tuna fish”? Is there any other tuna I’m not familiar with like tuna monkey or tuna rabbit? I’m guilty of this one all the time – see I even annoy myself.

Hopefully I’ll throw off this stinky attitude and come back to write about something positive. Grrrr.



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17 responses to “Redundancy Stuff

  1. Blonde Vigilante

    You aren’t alone, those things get on my nerves too. Why use acronyms if they are just gonna make us add more words on to them?

  2. dirk.mancuso

    Me likey angry Jali…

  3. heartinsanfrancisco

    When you’re right, you’re right. :< ) I sneer at redundancies, too. "Inkpen" is a Southernism; when I lived there I always wondered about those "other" pens. Indignation over sloppy use of language is not “stinky.” Your respect for words is one of the reasons I, for one, love your posts. I grimace inwardly every time I say “tuna fish.” Next time I’ll definitely go for the tuna rabbit.

  4. Superstar

    I think..,I am not sure..but you have just I.D’d a bunch of oximorons! 😉
    Kind of like millitary intellegence?? LOL ;o)

    OH, And it’s your can Bi*ch about whatever you like…That is why we all have our own “soap box” called blogs! LOL ;o)
    Bellow away my dear, vent!!!! WHOOO HOOO!

  5. Luke Cage

    Jali luv, it’s okay to vent! Maybe once you get out of the workplace all will be better. And if that don’t work, well, there’s always tomorrow. There is something very refreshing and new about a new day’a dawning miss. Cya then!

    Hey, I’ve got another one for you. Jumbo Shrimp, plastic silverware, Big Junior, etc… 😉

  6. Luke Cage

    Jali luv, it’s all good to vent and get that nonsense all out. Ya never know. Maybe the afternoon will be much better for you. And in case I’m wrong, tomorrow will be a better day. There’s something refreshing about dawning of a new day. Its all good.

    Hey, I’ve got some more of those Oxymoronic words for ya. Big Junior, plastic silverware, jumbo shrimp, etc., …

  7. Rev. Smokin Steve

    Tuna monkey…


  8. heartinsanfrancisco

    There is an institution in San Francisco called the Academy of Art University.

    Lucky they cleared up what they do there or we’d all be wondering.

  9. J-Bigg

    Tuna Monkey was by far the funniest part of this. I too hate redundancy. Like when people say, “in my personal opinion” The very definition of the word opinion suggests that it’s personal. You don’t have to tell us twice.

  10. winters

    Say what you have to say, Jali. And I identify with it all. (Although Vanilla wasn’t so bad.)

    Better out than in…

  11. jali

    blond vigilante,
    It surprises me how many people use these everyday.

    Me like Dirk period

    Let’s start a tuna-rabbit trend.

    Thanks mamma! The “whoo hooo” helped!

    You’re a sweetheart!

    I love the whole “monkey” thing. Maybe tuna-monkey can be the trend after tuna-rabbit.

    Yep! (smacking my forehead)That’s one I couldn’t think of but it really gets me.

    Better out than in is appropriate in soooo many situations. (smiling). Vanilla WAS bad.

  12. CP

    Why do we all say “tuna fish”? Is there any other tuna I’m not familiar with like tuna monkey or tuna rabbit? I’m guilty of this one all the time – see I even annoy myself.



  13. Lightning Bug's Butt

    I’m glad to see this post finally came to a complete stop.

  14. jali

    Thanks, but I’ve been to your page and you can be hilarious.

    lightning (leaving off the bug’s butt was strangely liberating.),

    Since the post has come to a complete stop you may now exit the ride.

  15. jali

    That made me lol for real. I haven’t hear “yikes” in a while.

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