Blog of The Week Stuff

from Mike’s banner:
Random thoughts…..spewed forth effortlessly on the little of substance happening in my life, most of which is clearly made up and never actually happened. Plus some other crap.

from Mike’s profile:
Just a single divorced guy content with life in general willing to share his idiocy on a daily basis with friends and strangers alike. I’m thoughtful like that.

Please check out his archives as well as his recent posts. I’m sure you’ll agree that Mike is special. (heh-heh-heh)



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7 responses to “Blog of The Week Stuff

  1. Luke Cage

    You hit a homerun with us checking out Dirk last week, so I’m hoping that lightning strikes twice! Enjoy your weekend miss Jali.

  2. Mike

    Wow…and thanks. I like your place as well.

  3. NeverEnough

    Mike is the man! I’ve read him for months and he just keeps getting better…

  4. Irreverent Antisocial Intellectual

    Whoa. Good shit! Thank you for this one!

  5. Laurie


  6. Mike

    Laurie loves me…don’t let her fool ya.

  7. Kuan Gung


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