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This shit is bordering on pedophilia. “send your friends..” Wha????? Is anyone else ofended by this new marketing campaign or have I lost my sense of humor in my old age?

In totally unrelated news, on Saturday, a little girl from Wisconsin saw a falcon soaring above her. She decided to feed the falcon a piece of cheese and threw it way up in the air. The cheese hit the falon in the head and knocked him out. Wisconsin 38 – Falcons 10. Sad state of affairs Falcons fans.



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33 responses to “Commercial Stuff

  1. Mike

    I’m thinking I’ll never eat Altoids….ever.

  2. Fairmaiden327

    Thanks Jali, I officially blew snot on my keyboard. Yeah that means I will probably buy this product. Regarding the falcon news, is that true? If so, ha ha.

  3. ~Deb

    Are you kidding? Is this a real commercial? Ha!!!! Well I hope this kid was of the age of 18 at LEAST! This was very disturbing…even if this weirdo was by himself. No fruit for me. Really. 😉

  4. winters

    Hi Jali.

    I was going to make a different comment, but “I officially blew snot on my keyboard” was so funny I almost did the same. Ha Ha!

  5. Mala

    Ok so uh, my mom walked by while I was supposed to be fixing her printer and this was playing and uh, she thinks I’m a perv…

    Thanks Jali.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. Christina_the_wench

    On SO many levels that is wrong. The 1970’s look to the scenery, the dude’s haircut and glasses, the other dude’s shorts… I was going to eat lunch. Not so much now.

  7. Life, or Something Like It

    Umm.. That was scary. No, really. Nightmare kinda stuff.

  8. jali

    I’m with you.

    You’ll always be my favorite snot blower! That was the game score, but to be fair, Brett Farve played 3 quarters of the game against the 2nd and 3rd string Falcons.

    Yes! It’s a real commercial. I coulldn’t believe it the first time I saw it on TV.

    Even if you bnlow snot now, fairmaiden is still the official snot blower of bloggerdom.

    Been to your page… Perv isn’t that far off mark. Only kidding – don’t yell at me.

    The scary guy reminds me of someone – and that’s scary to me.

    life or something,
    I was surprised not to see general outrage over this.

  9. heartinsanfrancisco

    That’s gross. I wouldn’t want anyone doing that with my kid. Altoids should have stopped with “curiously strong.” This is curiously stupid.

  10. jali

    I literally watched this on TV with my jaw hanging open.

  11. Trying2BMe

    I watched it and I totally agree that this commercial is just NOT RIGHT. Can you say someone is a freak in the ad department?

    Perverts… now I know why I don’t like Altoids 😀

  12. Superstar

    And to think I was just wondering WHY I would need a TV blocker….Sick and wrong…Just sick and wrong!

  13. Irreverent Antisocial Intellectual

    We actually saw this commercial on TV the other night and we both just looked at each other with such disgust. This is a marketing ploy? For what? Buying something else? Distrubing, very distrubing.

  14. Miss Ann Thrope

    I saw this the other day. I was watching a behind the music of the New Edition…which, apropos of nothing, Bobby Brown is one fucked up individual.

    Anyway, the TV was on mute because my husband was yammering on about something I will never understand and it caught my eye.

    I rewound and my face about fell off. I was totally eww. I did laugh, but I was ew anyway.

    I didn’t think pedophile though because the other guy, who thankfully, gets more face time (and is kinda cute if you ask me, which you didn’t) didn’t look like a kid to me.

    However, I hope this is not a sign of things to come for the fruit of the loom guys.

    But yeah. It’s not all that funny after the first initial haha. It’s just gross.

    But, really. The burger king kings head and that creepy bob the baby…and Jesus save us, the weird bald dude for 6 flags…which that’s pedophile material right there, are kinda worse.

    Did you get all that or should I call you?

  15. Irreverent Antisocial Intellectual

    Shudder, shudder. That Burger King dude is verrrrry creepy.
    Not as bad as that Digger thing from the toe fungus commercial, though. That one makes me feet physically ache.

  16. heartinsanfrancisco

    I have to look away when the old Six Flags guy comes on. He just repulses me. Blehhhkkkktt. The toenail fungus one, too. I literally Look Away. Who is running Madison Avenue these days, anyhow? They are some out-of-control sick puppies for sure.

    Is it somehow smart marketing to so offend people that as a point of honor, they will never buy your product? How does this work, exactly? Because I have just added Altoids, which I rather like, to my growing list of items I will not ever purchase again.


    Are you *sure* that’s a real commercial???? If so … WOW!!!

  18. katrice

    Okay, that is definitely soft porn, and extremely gross. I will buy Icebreakers from now on. Altoids are a bit too curious for me anyway.

    That snot comment was hilarious.

    The creepy guy reminds me of Captain 20. Anyone grow up in the DC area in the 70s-80s and remember that guy from the local channel 20?

  19. Cibbuano

    if that’s what Altoids is using to market to kids – I don’t want to be a part of it…

  20. Stefanie

    I totally thought you were going to say that the little girl got lifted up by the falcon and taken away which would’ve been horrible. But not as horrible as the falcon getting it in the head with the cheese. Yeah, pretty sad.

  21. Steph

    That is just creepy! So glad that’s not showing down here.

  22. C

    What a cheese head! he he he – that video – was twisted and they must have paid that man good money to do that disgusting gyration in his tighty whities because – they could have made it more woman friendly and found someone worth looking at.

  23. Webmiztris

    oh. my god! that was disturbing!

  24. mist1

    I have the same pair of underwear!

  25. Blonde Vigilante

    Oh, that was funny. I thought that was gonna be a tragic story about a girl that got stolen by a Falcon. I am so gulible. Thanks for the laugh.

  26. Luke Cage

    Jali, you almost had a brotha with that cheese and falcon line miss! It did however offer a great segue to the football game too. Nice bridge between the two. With your crazy self!

  27. Amadeo

    Oh yeah I’ve seen that…I was thinking in real life the dudes on that court would be beating him to a pulp.

    Too bad. Ravens have much better luck than Falcons. Did you know Ravens actually have the ability to talk like parrots…I’m sure you don’t care…Ravens!!! the black man’s bird!!!

  28. Elaine

    That was kind of funny, kind of wrong and a whole lotta disturbing. I mean, the creepy fake mustache and wig ….creeeeppyyy.. They’re trying to sell what now?!?!?!

    OH and that girl who hit the falcon, you KNOW the Major Leagues are knocking on her door! That girl has a damn good aim and a strong arm!

  29. Evolution of gina

    Darn it. I read all of the comments and forgot what I was gonna tell you. Maybe later.

  30. Lightning Bug's Butt

    Yeah. That’s creepy.

  31. Fairmaiden327

    Jali, where are you?

  32. Chanakin

    In order for you to lose your sense of humor, Jali, the commercial first needs to be funny.

    I rank this one up there with the Quizno’s singing rats.

  33. Schadenfreude

    Hahaha, I liked it.

    Bear in mind that advertising doesn’t have to be “good” or likable to be effective. That we’re all talking about it means it has done what advertising should do — gets a brand to break through the clutter of competing ads and puts it in your buying consideration cycle. Some may not like it or even be offended by it, but I reckon overall more people will remember Altoids as a result when making that impulse buy at the register.

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