Non Lyrical Lyrics Stuff

promiscuous [pruh-mis-kyoo-uhs]

1. characterized by or involving indiscriminate mingling or association, esp. having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis.

I’m sick of this song:

Promiscuous girl
Wherever you are
I’m all alone
And it’s you that I want
Promiscuous boy
You already know
That I’m all yours
What you waiting for?
Promiscuous girl
You’re teasing me
You know what I want
And I got what you need
Promiscuous boy
Let’s get to the point
Cause we’re on a roll
Are you ready

Why are we glorifying promiscuity in song? Damn. Do you know how many teeny weenies are singing these words at this moment? Do you think Nelly Furtado knows what promiscuous means?


Oh – special note to the evil belly dancers: Don’t mess with Laurie (the Arizona Pirate Tinkerbelle. One of us’ll shank you!



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22 responses to “Non Lyrical Lyrics Stuff

  1. heartinsanfrancisco

    A fine romance! Jerome Kern would be proud.

    I can’t imagine Billie Holiday singing this one. What ever happened to the charm of seduction?

  2. mist1

    This song is poetry. Creative genius.

    I bet Nelly Furtado does know what promiscuous means.

  3. Lex

    Besides, it’s just annoying! Double damn!

  4. C

    What irritates me the most is those people that love degrading music like this and then criticize the Pussy Cat Dolls. The male rappers never get put down for their degrading lyrics about women. They only get more glorification. I am not defending the Pussy Cat Dolls because they have male rappers in their music too but when I read iTunes comments they always get criticized for dressing like hookers. Well maybe just like the male rappers – they are going for where the money’s at. Who has a right judge now?

  5. Fairmaiden327

    Yes Jali. Correct once again. I will put myself out there and admit whenever I hear a catchy tune, (i.e., London Bridge) I get caught up regardless of what the lyrics are. Now, having a boy and not a teen girl I never ever gave any thought to what the kids would like. Ewww, did I say that? Cripes. I’m not that old, I’m 37. Oh and I heart you. Will call over weekend or maybe today. xoxo Maria

  6. Miss Ann Thrope

    I have never heard this. Who sings it?

  7. Superstar

    did I read that right the lyrics suggest that the singer is bi-sexual!!!! LOL ;o)

    Scary what is out there…

    OH by that definition…I am promiscuous. ;o)Thank GOD cuz i had it when I am called a slut, ho or a whore! he he he he he! Just sounds so much better, don’t you think?!?!?!?! LOL ;o)

  8. Candace

    I was trying to figure out the gender, too. Is it sung by 2 diff people?? Or Prince?

    This is why I only play CDs. (I have 4 kids)

  9. Anonymous

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  10. The Leonard Files

    Yeah, its not good, people just seem to get mindlessly involved in this music from the bottom division.

    I’m just glad I never went out and bought a copy of “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ’em”…..I had many friends that did.

  11. Fairmaiden327

    Oh yeah, thank God for that poster — I can make extra dough? Wheeee. Anyway, Jali check your mail.

  12. ~d (tilde)

    I loved the beat when it first came out-Hell, I’d probably still love the beat if I weren’t so dam tired of the SONG. I totally dig you with the lyrics. I can choose what ever the hell I want to listen to but I censor my kids’ listening. To a degree. I mean-they know the catch phrase of a few hip hop songs, but the do NOT know the full blown lyrics.

  13. Les Lester

    You’ve got good taste in templates, Sistah!

  14. Evolution of gina

    A man is singing promiscuous girl; a woman is singing promiscuous boy.

    In support of the song and video, they are adults. The people in the video are adult as well. The music is hot, but, though it may not be their intent, whoever listens to it… well… listens to it.

    On the other hand, it is a rather silly song. thank goodness there is that option to not listen if one doesn’t want to. And I’ve got a feeling that parents are screening the music that their teenagers are listening to.

    Uhmm… I mean… well… intelligent parents, that is.

  15. Winters

    The lyrics are bad. It’s a crap song. I’ve never heard it, but I can imagine…

    Jali, it’s always a pleasure. Have a great weekend.

  16. Elaine

    Oy! I am so with you on this song. I hate it. Have you seen the video? The guy singing the “guy part” is really “attractive”….He looks as if he smells of bacon…yeah, I don’t need to know your fat ass is promiscuous.

  17. katrice

    Whatever happened to real songwriters? Geeze. Stevie Wonder would cringe!

    Good lookin’ out for our favorite pirate.

  18. Egan

    Furtado is a slut. I think that’s the message she’s trying to convey to her fans.

  19. Amadeo

    The only time in my life I ever wanted a promiscuous girl was my early-teenage-virgin-years. Even then some of those girls just weren’t worth it. Is it just me or does alot of music sound like it’s written from the perspective of horny middle class teenagers nowadays.

  20. hot coffee girl

    Dammit, Jali. I heard this song today and thought about you. That can’t be good.

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