Unsportsmanlike Stuff

My quote from yesterday’s post: “I won’t comment on any other games right now except to say that I’ve got the Vikings and I’ve got the Chargers for tonight. I like the away teams this week. – oh and I hate the Redskins! “

I didn’t see Minnesota stomp the Redskins – wish I had…

There were 16 games played this weekend/last night – only 5 home teams won their contests: Pittsburgh, New England, St. Louis, Jacksonville and Arizona.

Green Bay, Tampa Bay and Oakland (by the bay) were all shut out at home.

I love this game!



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8 responses to “Unsportsmanlike Stuff

  1. Amadeo

    Ahhh yes. Ray Ray and Mac-9 laid the wood to be sure. Makes me warm inside.

  2. Jennifer

    As much as many might wish it to be true, the Patriots won. On Sunday. The Chargers ran over Oakland last night. I know, because I watched. Every last minute of it.

    And yes, I saw my Men in Purple do their victory dance (narrowly), as well. 😉

    A woman who loves her football is a woman after my own heart.

  3. Rev. Smokin Steve



  4. Luke Cage

    Ahh, your skills are impeccable grasshoppa. Now, what’re your predictions for next week? Thrill us again!

  5. mist1

    Can you post about something that I understand, please?

    Like shoes or what color nail polish washes me out or quantum physics…

  6. djn

    I was pretty psyched about the Vikings kicking some bootie. They’re my defensive line on my FF team… Wooo hooo!!

  7. Mike

    My Packers saddened me….much.

    I’m weeping.

  8. C

    I need to learn to like this sport – it seems the best way to be around men at times.

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