Beta Stuff

Beta isn’t betta!

(for those lacking the ability to read words outside of standard English the traslation: Beta isn’t better.)

I base this opinion on the crap I’ve gone through trying to post on pages that have “upgraded” to Beta recently. I love you bloggers, but I don’t have hours and hours to give to the Blogger gods regularly. It’s frustrating to write a witty response to a wonderful post, hit the magic button and find it lost forever. Forever.

I’ve found that my efforts in reconstructing my comments aren’t ever quite as good as the original try – it’s difficult to find humor when you’re pissed at a program.

Please know that I’m reading, enjoying, learning, copying (c’mon I run out of ideas sometimes), and improving based on your weblogs. My comment just might be lost in space (danger Wil Robinson).



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14 responses to “Beta Stuff

  1. ~Deb

    I hate change. I know, it’s so frustrating to write something out on someone’s comment section — and **POOF**! Gone.

    Hang in there! I’ll still be reading up on you and commenting as usual. In other words, harassing you! 🙂

  2. mist1

    Why is it that the first comment is always so much better? I recognize that this comment isn’t terribly witty and I hope that it doesn’t disappear because my next attempt will certainly be worse.

  3. Laurie

    I think Beta stands for “suck my asshole”.

    Personal opinion and all.

  4. heartinsanfrancisco

    Blogger has problems sometimes, but generally seems to work betta.

  5. Fairmaiden327

    I would like to comment only because I’m a huge fan of this site. My generic comment will go like this: it’s interesting what a diverse group of people read this blog and in other news, blogger sucks MC.” I so don’t feel compelled to curse here only because I need someone to do it first.

  6. Anonymous

    I always highlight over my comment before hitting “submit” and do a right-click -> Copy. ALWAYS. it’s a really good habit to get into…lol

  7. Christina_the_wench

    Hit control C and copy your response words before you hit the ‘publish’ key in case the “Can’t find my ass from a hole in the ground” screen comes up. It has saved me from cussing in my office numerous times.

    We must save the snark world from extinction.

  8. djn

    When I’m pissed I have to walk away for a couple of days (metaphorically speaking) but then I feel like I missed out on stuff and that makes me more pissed.

  9. Amadeo

    I too know the pain of losing a comment. (<----Flails arms like the Robot)

  10. Luke Cage

    jzAmazingly, I’ve never lost a comment on the blogosphere. However, I have lost an entire post. Here’s what I do about the comments. Write them in a note editor of some sort (notepad, word, excel) and then copy and paste the comment. Or the less bz one, write the comment in the comments box, copy it and then hit publish. That’s the most popular one right there miss Jali

  11. Egan

    I’m so happy you pointed this out. I become very frustrated when my comment attrition rate peaks at over 15%. Let’s hope this comment sticks, even though it’s not remotely witty.

  12. Miss Ann Thrope

    Is this something that happens to all people who comment on the upgraded blogs? Or just blogger users?

    I haven’t had that happen yet. Course, i have no idea who has the beta and who doesn’t.

  13. ~Macarena~

    I thought I was the only one anal enough to copy comments. But I only do it for superlong ones, because I put them in Word and run spellcheck.

    During yesterday’s Blogger outage (stupid PST!), it let me read, but not write or comment. What idiocy.

    When I lose a comment, it’s usually a rant, and I take it as a sign that it was best to keep quiet. I’ve alos lost comments because I didn’t get that it required a new word verification. I was disappointed to see a repeated one. I understand if they recycle, but I shouldn’t get a repeat.

  14. Anonymous

    Like everyone else is saying, I’ve learned the hard way jali…every time I comment now, I copy it first before clicking anything, so if something does mess up, I can just paste my wise words back in…

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