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The other day I touched on music and how it can affect you (well how it affects me, but I use the language as I wish). Marvin Gaye’s music brings out the love, but other music brings out other feelings.

If I’m driving long distance I need hot music from my past to keep me going.

Unfortunately when I start singing (okay, squawking for those of you who’ve heard me live), I start speeding without realizing it. I’ll glance down at the speedometer ( a rent-a-car of course, with a working speedometer since my car doesn’t deal with such petty information anymore) and shock myself (ooops – 97 MPH, I didn’t mean to do THAT), I’ll give the gas a break for a while and go with the flow of traffic. I might stop the CD player and listen to the local radio station for a bit. I usually go for “urban” radio, but once in a while I might listen to country of classical music.

Country music is safe for driving – at least until something like, “Jesus Take The Wheel” comes on. I can’t help looking around to see who’s listening to the same station and actually letting Him take the wheel while they apply makeup, eat a salad, or argue with their wife. After watching some of the other drivers on the interstate, I make a soon to be broken promise to myself to drive 55 for the rest of the ride.

Classical music is hazardous for me in a car. It usually starts out quietly, so I in turn drive at a moderate pace. The tempo and volume increase so I have to drive faster to keep up. Crescendo! By the time the movement climaxes, I’m driving over 90. The big (f*%^!!) ticket I got on the N.J. Turnpike was a direct result of my listening to classical music.

I can no longer listen to any type of music while walking down the street because I’m overly conscious of the beat, and have to step along with the music. Fine if I’m listening to something with a moderate beat – less fine if a song like “Whip It” by Devo is playing. Imagine watching someone trying to walk down a busy sidewalk as if they were being controlled remotely by a comedienne with a wicked sense of humor. The sexy aura I’m famous for goes right out the window and people literally stop and stare.

Music works for me if I’m making an entrance somewhere and the beat is just right. That awkward walk into the club becomes my personal fashion show down the runway if something jazzy is playing.

Or not.

Sometimes the music changes mid-entrance and I’ll find myself prancing to “Country Road, Take Me Home” or something else I hate and I have to admit, the look isn’t good. It’s hard to do the sexy walk thing with a smirk of distaste on one’s lips.

I’ve talked about me being stoooooooopid in the gym. The “Rocky Theme” is the worse thing I can listen to while working out. Amadeo noted another song that has a similar effect: “The fighting theme for “The Karate Kid”. They both make me feel invincible, mighty, dum-dum-dum-dum: Super-chick! I’m answer D on the health quiz – none of the above and my body pays for the music for days after the event.

Certain music is mood killing. “A” and I sleep with the TV on every night, and don’t consider program changes while in the mood for love. We’ve had to stop once we realized that early morning TV includes Gospel Hour and it’s hard to feel sexy while someone is screaming, “Jesus”. (correction, it depends on who’s screaming and in what context, but I think you guys know what I mean).

“Musak” makes my teeth hurt. I hate certain elevators and rest rooms that are wired to the same station that all dentist seem to use. I sort of wait for the drill sound and even though I know I’m not at the torture chamber, my subconscious reacts to the sounds.

Rap automatically takes me back to Afro-puffs and the ‘revolution’ until I listen to some of the lyrics. “Lean with it, rock with it” or “My laffy-taffy” don’t exactly call for social change. Rock isn’t good for me at certain times since I’m usually compelled to play the air guitar which doesn’t go over too well in the produce aisle. For some reason, when I listen to rock I really believe I can sing and I’ve scared people with “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” at the wrong moment in time.

Neo-soul and R & B are my favorites for almost everything. Right now Lupe Fiasco just makes me smile – no matter what I’m doing. Ceelo in any form (in any collaboration) is a good mood maker and Jill Scott is inspirational to me (know what I mean? -wink!)

What music works for you guys?



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21 responses to “Musical Stuff

  1. mist1

    The way I drive totally depends on what I’m listening to.

  2. heartinsanfrancisco

    Most people drive listening to their cell phones these days. It isn’t pretty. California will fiinally catch up with NY and make it illegal in 2007. Hey, no rush. We have a large surplus population to get rid of first.

    As you saw from my recent post, I almost got a speeding ticket the other day but convinced a nice cop that I couldn’t have been speeding to Vivaldi. See? Music hath charms and can sooth the savage beast.

    I listen to classical, jazz or rock while driving.

  3. Christina_the_wench

    80’s big hair bands (like Warrant, Bon Jovi), contemporary gospel (like Mary Mary) and any AC/DC song. (God, how I love Angus.)oOOOo some BB King too.

  4. ~Deb

    Isn’t it weird how music affects our speed? It’s just hard to explain that kind of stuff when talking to the cop that pulls you over. *sigh* It’s happened to me.

  5. Fairmaiden327

    Driving: Rap, Hip-hop (gives the illusion I know how to dance/get down).

    Gym: Tap, Hip-hop (gives the illusion I am an aspiring video slut).

  6. Amadeo

    Real Hip-Hop and Rock will make me push the pedal. Even though I don’t need any encouragment to do so.

    My walk would make someone think I’m listening to music so actually having some only enhances it.

    I need certain country and folksy music in my life. Then again you’re talking to someone who has The Deguello on C.D.

  7. Miss Ann Thrope

    I feel a post coming on…

    I don’t keep archives from previous blogs, but I think you will appreciate my retelling of an, um very interesting musical moment.

    I’ll get on that.

  8. Webmiztris

    when it comes to music, just about everything works for me! rock, alternative, heavy metal, pop, hip-hop and country (but only if it’s Johnny Cash). 😉

  9. ~d (tilde)

    Hey gurrl,
    I coulnt figure out what was wrong with your link on my page-but consider it fixed!

    ~d heart Jali
    (ALMOST as much as Ms. Peachez’ chicken!)

  10. Lightning Bug's Butt

    When I box on my heavy bag, I listen to rap. I have Lean with It on my playlist!

    I also like that song, Raised in the Projects. I like to pretend I’m Mike Tyson when that song plays.

  11. Mr. Fabulous

    I like to have sex in front of the TV when The Teletubbies are on.

    But that’s me.

    I’ll show you some tubby custard…

  12. ~Macarena~

    Ew! But that’s a far better use for them than their target audience of one-year-olds. Maybe you should write a thank-you to the creators. “Again! Again!”

    I listen to almost everything but rap and instrumental/jazz. I will listen to rap if it’s the Beastie Boys, but I don’t turn to rap stations. I love rap, I just don’t want to wade through the misogyny.

    My main station is country. I love ’80s music and church songs, but traditional tunes, or things I learned way back when I was programmed Catholic.

  13. Kav

    My life’s theme song is Eye of the Tiger. So inspirational…perfect for the gym too. 😉

  14. CP

    Oooooooooh. Love me some Jill Scott. My favorite sex CD is any CD by Enigma. Oy. Nothing like chanting monks to make you feel sexual! *L* My long distance driving consists of a entire library of Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Journey and a few other hairbands from the 80’s. Love it. I hate country music, because it seems like everyone is drunk, their truck breaks down and their dog just died. Too melancholy.

    Whenever I say that word, I picture Lassie eating cantelope.


    Where’s my Jill Scott CD?


  15. Lex

    I clean to latin music: Carlos Ponce, Olga Tañón, Celia Cruz, Carlos Santana.

    I drive to news radio mainly, but if it’s for distance: India.Arie, Lauryn Hill, Maroon 5, plus all my latin favorites.

    When I’m tired of my CDs in the car I listen to local country radio.

    For Inspiration I like: U2, Nichole Nordeman, Alanis Morisette (I know she seems strange for this group, but, I’m strange.)

    When I want to Jam: FUNK!!

    Earth, Wind and Fire is the greatest band ever!!

    Love old school R&B for lovin’.

    Can not contain myself over: Sugar Hill Gang, and “Excuse me, Doug E. Fresh?” “Yes?” Basically all 80s music will have me bouncing off of the walls…no matter where I am.

    Kick back to Norah Jones and just about all things Jazz.

    Classical and most new rap makes me mildy to moderately suicidal.

    House and Techno, you’ll have to talk me down from the ledge, cuz I’m going to jump.

  16. C

    I like 70’s for most occasions. I especially like the Gap Band or Blondie when I am feely super fly. I like latin music with a lot of tango rumba beat for those sexy oooo la la – moments when I am strutting my stuff.

  17. Luke Cage

    Damn, that’s the second time in the past several days I was about to post a blog about a certain subject and another blogger came out with it also. But it’s cool because it’s you J. I’m feeling this miss Jali.

    I have too many songs to name, but when I’m driving by myself from Va to NY (and vice versa), old school hip hop (amazingly enough) gets me pretty wide open. Plus lots of 80’s joints that have something of an up tempo sound will just about do it too. I just have to be careful when I’m driving at 2 in the morning and playing those on my IPod.. lol.. state police don’t play..

  18. jali

    So what’s in your CD player or Ipod?

    I can imagine those Cali hills and Vilvaldi – amazing.

    Speaking of big hair, do you LOVE the movie “Rock Star”? I watch it every chance I get.

    I did it again this morning when Jay-Z’s new single came on. I was lucky and didn’t get busted.

    We are SOOOOO hanging out at a club some day so that we can share our illusions with the world.

    Now I really want to see you walk!

    can’t wait to read it. Coming over soon!

    …because you’re mine – I walk the line. It’s been in my head since I read your comment. Now it’s in yours!!

    I heart you right back, mamma!

    l.b. butt,
    C’mon dude, pretend to be someone else, please… I don’t want to imagine you in Vegas working out with tourists for a couple of bucks. How about pretending to be something else? Scotty-too-Hottie?

    mr. fab,
    Oh, the things that can be done with tubby custard… tasty!

    I’m now allergic to Catholicism – I od’d as a child.

    Oh- that explains the parrot – but not the monkey. (I’m referencing an old TV show – any takers?)

    Aaaaaah! Now you’ve got me seeing Lassie with a cantalope too.

    Forgot my salsa! The radio stations here play very little salsa – more country or love ballads from Mexico and S.A. My favorite Latin group is DLG – Hughie has the sweetest voice.

    We may be strutting together here in the ATL someday.

    I called my psychic before posting, so I beat you to it. (hee-hee)You’re right that the police don’t play – especially Virginia.

  19. Fairmaiden327

    You’re on Jali.

  20. Elaine

    yeah..that’s when I’m usually passing a Corvette or something. The faster the song, the faster I go.

    I really do love all types of music but I gotta leave ya behind on the country. I just can’t roll with country. Some guy cryin on a tractor as his girl packs up and leaves the barn. If I wanted to slit my wrists, I would listen to country, (or that London Bridge song by Fergie..ack!) but most of the time, my wrists and I are friends.

    I’m telling you who I’m lovin’ lately is Lady Sovereign. She’s like a Euro rapper chick. Very catchy and kinda funny.

  21. dirk.mancuso

    I like a little bit of everything with the exception of heavy metal/thrash metal/whatever the young people are calling it these days. Yeah, I’m an old geezer.

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