Time Off Stuff

Thanks to everyone who came looking for me, asked about me and waited for me. You guys are great.

I have no excuse to give you for not responding to your notes – I’m just full ‘o shit sometimes. Please forgive me.

I can’t even promise that I won’t disappear again – I’ll try to give warning next time.

I started a blog for the job and it’s turned out well.

I’m going to spend the day – probably the next few days reading all of my “regulars'” pages. I miss you guys!



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25 responses to “Time Off Stuff

  1. Fairmaiden327

    Welcome back. I’ve missed you.

  2. Laurie

    Woman!!!! People worried!!! You are in BIG trouble!!!

    But we are glad you are ok!!!

    Missed your wisdom!

  3. Laurie

    Blogger is sucking. The above comment if from me.

    I hate Mondays.

    And tomatoes.

    That is all.

  4. ~Deb

    Hope you’re doing great! Glad you’re back!

  5. mist1

    Welcome back. Thought you were dead.

  6. Charred

    I vanish all the time.

  7. ~Macarena~

    Aw, no need to apologize. Just so long as all is well.

  8. heartinsanfrancisco

    Welcome back, Jali!

    You were missed, girl.

    i was so happy to see your comments to my blog today. Things are definitely looking up.

  9. Steph

    About time too. Do you even care how much a search party costs to organize?????

  10. Mr. Fabulous

    We have missed you as well, my friend.

  11. djn

    I, for one, was not about to give up on you. Glad to see you back.

  12. C

    You know I was thinking what Mist said but I was just not sure to say it. Glad you are not.

  13. Lex

    Yay!!! You’re back. We missed you.

    …and I wanted to be able to give you shit about your Giants!!

    shit shit shit shit shit

  14. Rhys

    Hooray! Jali didn’t leave us! She still loves us…sob!

  15. Christina_the_wench

    Whew! She’s alive and well. Welcome back, girl!

  16. mike

    Well…I had this great eulogy planned but am glad I now don’t have to use it.

    Nice to see ya!

  17. CP

    I’d spank you, but you’d like that.

    You deserve punishment, woman!


  18. Lynn

    Don’t let the blog become a source of guilt! You were missed, but live your life without the stress of not doing one more thing…

    Glad you are back!

  19. heartinsanfrancisco

    I looked at your picture. You haven’t aged a day. Guess you weren’t gone as long as it seemed.

  20. Luke Cage

    Hiya miss Jali. Welcome, welcome! Hey, life goes on on the outside right? I wasn’t worried. I knew you’d be back.

  21. Webmiztris

    i was wondering where you ran off to!

    it’s nice to take a break sometimes anyway. sometimes blogging starts to seem like a full-time job!

  22. hot coffee girl

    Welcome back.

    Now stay put.

  23. restaurant gal

    I missed a fellow writer. I am so gald you are back!

    Best, The Gal

  24. dirk.mancuso

    Okay, I should totally tell you how worried we were and how we imagined the worst and do you know what time it is?

    (Sorry, channelling Mama M there for a second…)

    Anyhoo, glad you’re back and looking forward to some smiles and giggles from you again.

    Big hug!

  25. I found this site from google. so i stop and say hallo, huehue…

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