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My car, Guy needs a rest, so I’ve been taking the bus and train to work. The ride isn’t bad – well most of the time the ride isn’t bad.

I just don’t understand some people here in Atlanta. There might be many seats available and lots of room towards the back of the bus but certain people INSIST on standing in the front. One guy talks to the driver so his place is pretty much assured. (It’s almost like folks are fighting for pole position for the race -The race from the bus to the train at the last stop) The others crowd around the first guy so that people getting on at later stops really have to squeeze past them to get on the bus. This of course adds to the commute time and the annoyance factor.

The cell phone on the bus people get on my nerves too. I don’t really need to hear the lastest “crunk” ringtone at 6:18 when I feel I should be sleeping. I don’t really need to know what everyone wore to the party last night or who “Nay-Nay” went home with. I wouldn’t need to know in the late afternoon, but in the early AM I really don’t need to know about your life.

The “tell us all, why dontcha” people irk me too. The sun has not yet risen and most of us are content to sit quietly – reading or gathering our thoughts during the ride to the train. Then YOU get on the bus and seem compelled to share your most mundane achievements with all of us – you just need someone to be your outlet. We watch you scanning our faces as you walk the center aisle – looking for a victim – we who know better refuse to catch your eye or smile – the innocent newbies might say “hello” which is the only opening you need. You launch into a long discussion of the reasons you’re on the bus in the first place, what time you left your home, the temperature outside, the forecast for tonight, and what you might cook depending on the price of chicken breasts at Publix. (It’s fun to watch the newbie’s face change from friendliness to forced after a few blocks of non-stop lip action)

Other quieter speakers can’t be heard over her “outside” voice and any competition for our attention is quickly vanquished. We are all forced to hear her opinion of the latest films, music, style of dress, young people, the bitches on her job who are out to get her, her ex-husband and his new wife and whatever was on televison last night. She explains that she’s not from Atlanta originally and how the transit system in her hometown is so much better than this. She doesn’t care that the person she used to get started has something to say. She has the floor and filibuster (although we have no vote here) it shall be. I call her “sister soliloquy” and I’m sure other riders have their own pet names for her. It’s gotten to the point that some mornings there’s a audible sigh of relief if she misses her regular bus and an involuntary groan if we see her in line. One older lady phrased is well, “Oh Lawd, here she comes.”

The 2 seater people are another annoyance. Why must people ask you to move your belongings to allow them to sit down? Is it possible that you feel your purse needs its own seat? Were you raised by impolite wolves? I see one lady do this every single day. Someone must ask her to move her bag. EVERY SINGLE DAY. How did she NOT learn the day before?

Tomorrow – the wonderful train ride.



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23 responses to “Rant Stuff

  1. heartinsanfrancisco

    Wolves are much more polite than that.

  2. Luke Cage

    LOL.. sounds more exciting than my little 30 mile trek to work everyday in my SUV: Ingrid. I actually miss that craziness from riding the subway systems in NYC back in the day. Funny stuff about the 2 seater people.. too funny…

  3. Christina_the_wench

    I am sending you a bike for Christmas. Look for it.

    Or would you rather AAA membership?

  4. Fairmaiden327

    Jali, I almost killed another woman last week because of this on the subway. Next day I bought an Ipod — the rage controller.

  5. Cece

    My husband is a loud cell phone talker. And I have to say its quiet embarassing. I often SSShhhh him and get ugly looks for it. LOL

  6. Memphis Steve

    I think your daily bus rides beats my rantings about other drivers in traffic. As for the loud talker who doesn’t care what the other riders have to say, I think you must be riding with my mother-in-law. Is this bus in south Atlanta, by any chance?

  7. ~d (tilde)

    This is sheer perfection! I literally sat here with my hand over my mouth laughing…DYING laughing, because let me tell you which subway rider I am. I am the one who WANTS to know where he got the latest crunk ringtone. And I want to know who Nay-Nay did last night. So, me? I am LISTENING…and blogging!
    This rocks!
    You go, gurrrl!

    (~d heart Lil Jon)

    ~d heart Jali

  8. Tjotjog

    Is there really such a thing as too early to hear the latest “crunk” ringtone?

  9. ~Macarena~

    I was a 2-seater because sometimes I was able to sit alone.

    There was a woman with bronchitis or something who ALWAYS sat next to me (bag or no) and hacked her way home. Coughing ranks highly on stuff that makes me want to kill people.

    Then there were the people who would slide right on up against my pretty ass. And that especially isn’t right when it was summer and the AC was broken! The free ride never, ever made up for the lack of AC.

  10. mist1

    I stopped riding MARTA the day that a man jumped on the rail and killed himself. A woman went into labor at 5 Points which prompted another woman to throw up. Then they tried to herd us all onto a teeny little shuttle bus.

  11. Trying2BMe

    I know the feeling; however, on our most recent Marta ride, it was my 3 year old doing all the talking. She was in heaven having so many new folks to chat with. All I could do was politely explain this was her first ride and she was excited. They smiled the “I don’t give a damn” smile and nodded to the rocking of the train.

    Have a good day in spite of the audacious company of the bus 🙂

  12. dirk.mancuso

    Ah, the train…

    I love taking the train to Chicago and riding with the convicts just released from prison talking about getting some ‘tang when they get home, all most as much as I love riding the ell and watching people make out in the seats across from me.

    Welcome back, jali…I missed you muchly.

  13. djn

    The 2 seater would make me want to cure her of it. But I wouldn’t… I’d simply dream of what I would do if I were that type of person.

  14. Miss Ann Thrope

    and people wonder at my screen name…really.

    PS: I ❤ you and I'm glad you're baaaaack!

  15. Lightning Bug's Butt

    You have to ride the BUS to the TRAIN?


  16. Steph

    This is why i mostly drive.
    Confined places spent with PEOPLE is enough to make me lose the will to live.

  17. heartinsanfrancisco

    Happy birthday, Jali! I know you’ll be reading this on Monday the 20th.

    Have a beautiful day and a wonderful year. And I hope you get lots of presents.

    Hugs and smiles,
    Heart & Co.

  18. Amadeo

    I hate, I hate, I hate those commuters. I stand on the train so I don’t have to be close to people and I too am buying an Ipod so I only have to focus on my noise. I never understood the people that wanted to stay in the front of the bus. Middle school taught me to keep both doors in your view. I always liked going to the back of the bus and making school kids move their stuff so I can sit down.

  19. C

    I hate inconsiderate people. I work with a few of those that think that my job to support them is for me to do their whole job.

  20. ~d (tilde)

    passing thru wit the latest crunk tune…

    ~d heart jali!

  21. Kav

    You beat me to it, jali. I’ve been storing notes on all the annoying weirdos that come and go on the train every day…drives me mental!

  22. Webmiztris

    all I can say is thank god my car is in proper working condition! no buses for me, thank you! 😀

  23. CP

    Oh dear Gawd.

    I think I am sister soliloquy.

    Oh the shame and horror of being outed.


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