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In some circumstances, stopping to see the lights is a great thing. Homes and businesses are adorned to celebrate the holidays and many enjoy the creativity of those who decide to celebrate the season. (see Beauty and the Beer’s posts with photos

In other circumstances, stopping to see the lights is just idiotic. THERE IS NO REASON TO SLOW DOWN OR STOP IF AN OFFICER IS WRITING A TRAFFIC TICKET. We know that the lights are purdy, but we want to get to work. (Yes, you on the Connector this morning!)

What’s up with the holiday ties that DON’T MATCH ANY OTHER PART OF YOUR OUTFIT? I’m happy to see so many feeling the spirit of the holiday, but ties should match your suit! “Whimsical” is a look better achieved by infants. You look strange.

Hint – you don’t look cute without a coat when it’s 20 degrees outside. You look like you just got robbed.

A Bush/Cheyney sticker driver cut me off this morning. I should have expected it since in their mind, I’m sure they were just maximizing their commute and I would have been acceptable collateral damage if I had crashed.

We’re doing a “white elephant” holiday gift exchange at the office. We’ve been told to spend less that $10 since it’s just for fun. I’ll bet someone (one of the better paid of the office) goes to the $ .99 store for their gift – and I’ll get stuck with it. Last year I got a FREE (to the donor) tee shirt that someone didn’t want. I traded it for a Magic 8 Ball (woot-woot!) by a holy person who considered it the work of the devil. I made most of my decisions last year based on Mr. Magic. (shut up!)



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16 responses to “More Rant Stuff

  1. Rhys

    Aaahh! I’m cracking up. You have a way with words, missy. 🙂 I HATE when people slow down to rubberneck; I want to KILL them. And I hear you on crappy office gift exchanges. I hope you get a really nice present this year. Or at least can beat somebody up and steal theirs! 🙂

  2. /t.


    going through
    yr stuff here a bit more
    today, and… gotta agree with rhys, above, you have a way(!) LOL stuff — am linking you at mo’po

    maximizing their commute 🙂


  3. Trying2BMe

    Yeah, the “white elephant” thing sucks big time; therefore, I do not and will not participate. I always go out of my way to find a great gift for the limit and typically end up with something a step up from dumpster fodder.

    Being a fellow Atlantian… I hear ya screaming about the rubber-necking. It drives me crazy when it’s on the total opposite side of the interstate and they still feel the need to slow down for it.

    Oh well, tip the egg nog and let’s have a happy holiday season anyway 🙂

  4. Amadeo

    I have never participated in those things…I kind of like to be the outsider.

    Last year our director made us all go see Rent and take a quiz afterwards…I hope she dies.

  5. Webmiztris

    i. cannot. stand. Whimsical!

    the ugly holiday sweaters, ties, socks, etc….they are so friggin ugly. if someone bought me something like that as a gift I would NOT be able to disguise my absolute horror and disgust.

  6. Little Lamb

    hi jali, wanted to stop by and say hi!

  7. Mr. Fabulous

    Magic 8 Balls are the work of the devil. That’s why I like them.

  8. Macarena

    I don’t want to get attached if you’re just going to leave us again. We need you for things like “collateral damage.”

    And I too like to consult the Magic 8 Ball.

  9. C

    The 8 ball is a great idea. Gotta keep that in mind. Someone at work got therapy in a box. That was cute.

  10. mist1

    I refuse to participate in white elephant exchanges. I just tell people that it offends me, being bi-racial and all. It’s like they completely disregard the other half of the elephant. Know what I mean?

  11. restaurant gal

    I landed an Elvis doll, circa 1970, unopened in original packaging, at one of those silly white elephant exchanges. Kinda cool. Anyone know if it’s worth anything on EBay?

    Best (and glad you are writing again!),

    The Gal

  12. Fairmaiden327

    Stopping by to say hi. Crazy time of year at work for me. We must catch up. Hugs. Thanks for the email.

  13. Miss Ann Thrope

    A magic 8 ball is a necessity if you want to get through you day as trouble free as possible.

    I <3 my magic 8 ball!

    PS: I ❤ you too!

  14. Lightning Bug's Butt

    How about those Magic 8-balls? Love them.

  15. Little Lamb

    /t. has linked to you in my blog too

  16. Elaine

    THe Magic Ball KNOWS ALL.

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