Blogs of the Week (Yeah Right…) Stuff – Ketchup Time

I haven’t been handling my blog business very well. If something is a something of the week, then it should be posted every week. I defy that common sense rule and continue to title this entry “Blog of the Week”. (kinda like my “daily” excercise routine…cough – choke)

There are so many outstanding writers out there that it would be possible to highlight a great page every day and still have many more to see.

Today (pretend it’s “this week”) I’m featuring this lovely lady, I like her style – a page about mammograms (that dreaded torture) was titled “Tough Tittie. Funny as hell. Click the link, stroll through archive land and drop her a line.

“Last week’s” feature (pretend I posted last week) was a sweetheart, and a funny writer, She has a hilarious guest poster today that you don’t need to miss.

The week before we were (supposed to be) diatribin’ with Dark Damian at Please don’t skip the comments, especially from Pirate Laurie.



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6 responses to “Blogs of the Week (Yeah Right…) Stuff – Ketchup Time

  1. Steph

    So many blogs, so little time.
    I can vouch for Fairmaiden though, i had to blogroll her, she’s awesome.

  2. Dirk_Star

    Knock, knock. Anybody home?

  3. mist1

    Maiden makes me want want to be her neighbor.

  4. djn

    I gotta back you up on “guilty with an explanation”. She always finds a way to laugh about everything. Great style.

  5. heartinsanfrancisco

    Jali and Djn,

    Thank you so much! Compliments from those I admire are the BEST!!

  6. Fairmaiden327

    Been crazed at home. Just seeing these comments. Thanks, Jali.

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