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Anyone remember “Herman’s Head” or “Late Night With Joan Rivers”? How about “The Tracy Ullman Show” or “The Gary Shandling Show”? “Married With Children”? “Duets” “Open House” or “Women in Prison”? “In Living Color”?

These are all shows from the beginnings of the Fox Network.

I remember a show about the survivors of a nuclear holocaust – but I can’t remember the name of the show. It was a 1/2 hour sitcom and it wasn’t very funny – I just want my curiosity satisfied and I feel that you guys should be the ones to satisfy me. It came on right before Herman’s Head I think. You’ll win 25 cool points for the right answer.

More TV stuff: Name that show!

I’ll give you some of the character’s names – you gimme the show.

#1 – Mary, Jodie, Chester, Danny, Annie, Burt.

#2 – Danny, Jesse, Joey, Stephanie

#3 – Jefferson, Steve, Kelly, Marcie, Al.

#4 – Joe, Brian, Faye, Roy, Helen.

#5 – Denise, Claire, Cliff, Sondra.

#6 – Diane, Carla, Rebecca, Cliff.

#7 – Joey, Monica, Rachel.

#8 – David, Darlene, Mark, Jackie.

#9 – Kevin, Wayne, Jack, Paul, Norma.

#10 -Gina, Tommy, Bro’Man.

Big Ole’ Edit: with answers to quiz – stop here if you didn’t play yet.

#1 – Mary, Jodie, Chester, Danny, Annie, Burt – Soap

#2 – Danny, Jesse, Joey, Stephanie – Full House

#3 – Jefferson, Steve, Kelly, Marcie, Al – Married With Children

.#4 – Joe, Brian, Faye, Roy, Helen – Wings

.#5 – Denise, Claire, Cliff, Sondra – The Cosby Show

.#6 – Diane, Carla, Rebecca, Cliff – Cheers

#7 – Joey, Monica, Rachel – Friends

#8 – David, Darlene, Mark, Jackie – Rosanne

#9 – Kevin, Wayne, Jack, Paul, Norma – The Wonder Years

#10 -Gina, Tommy, Bro’Man – Martin



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17 responses to “More TV Stuff

  1. heartinsanfrancisco

    #1 – SOAP! Great show! Billy Crystal got his start as Mary’s gay son. This was extremely risque for its day.

    I love the episode in which Jessica’s daughter, Corinne, who is really the German woman’s child (I can never remember her name) tries to make her old boyfriend, Tim, who is now a priest, jealous by telling him in the confession booth all the sexual things she is going to do with another man.

    Another alltime favorite show was #5, The Cosby Show. I wanted desperately to be a Huxtable. I am still in love with Bill Cosby and have been since he co-starred with Robert Culp in a spy show when he was young. A little thrill: I saw him In Person 4 or 5 years ago when we went to Rose Parade in Pasadena, and he was Grand Marshall (along with Mr. Rogers.)

    The rest of your list I either don’t know or don’t care about.

  2. mist1

    C’mon. You know I don’t have the attention span for tv.

  3. Bougie Black Boy

    where ya been hiding?

  4. Anonymous

    1- ?
    2- Full House
    3- ?
    5- The Cosby Show
    6- Cheers
    7- Friends
    8- Roseanne
    9- Wonder Years
    10 & 11-?

    I watch way too much TV…

  5. ~d


  6. Anonymous

    3 – Married With Children, guess I knew that one after all.

  7. ~d

    AWW this was soo killling me!
    I called my sister, and I am like: Bro’man, he climbs….
    The sister interrupts me and says:



  8. awaiting

    1…don’t know.
    2…Full House
    3&4..don’t know
    5…Cosby Show
    6..don’t know
    9& 10, no clue.

    Hehee, at least I got some right…I think!

  9. Mr. Fabulous

    Are you sure you didn’t dream that nuclear comedy show? LOL

  10. Elaine

    I LOVED Herman’s Head! Wow, I totally forgot about that show until you mentioned it. And dang woman, you put the answers up too fast! (Either that or I need to be hittin’ up your blog a lot faster.)

  11. CP

    Okay, I totally have no idea what the nuclear comedy could possibly be…but I found this little treasure for you, you television trivia freakass!



  12. Lex

    #1 –
    #2 – Full House
    #3 –
    #4 –
    #5 – Cosby Show
    #6 –
    #7 – Friends
    #8 – Roseanne
    #9 –
    #10 -Martin

    Gosh, I suck at this.

  13. djn

    Geez… I didn’t know any of them until I read the answers. What the hell is wrong with me??? I was a Cosby Show addict back in the day. I’m pretty sure I fantasized about a dad who actually seemed interested in me and who loved my mom. What a great show. It was probably my favorite at the time.

    I didn’t get into the Wonder Years until it was in syndication. Loved that show…

  14. heartinsanfrancisco

    I also knew Cheers, Rosanne, Friends and The Wonder Years. (Fred Savage was most recently seen as a serial rapist-killer on SVU. I alwys thought he’d grow up better than that.)

    I hated Friends, but the others were great shows.

  15. jali

    My favorite line of all time from Soap is, “Pick Up Your Feet!!!” The “general” yelling at his stuffed dog as he dragged him up the stairs.

    I thought the medication was working.

    You were supposed to come looking for me. I counted to 100 and nobody came…

    Great score! (under my breath) “couch potato”.

    I really didn’t love Martin, but Bro’man was hilarious.

    Based on the shows you know, you’re much more wholesome and good than I.

    mr. fab,
    C’mon, give – stop teasing me – I bet you know the answer.

    Please check my page hourly for changes.(I’m really talking smack – I didn’t post for weeks, now I’m saying this.)

    I love the site! Thanks mamma!

    You got 1/2 right! The cup is half full. (snickering)

    I guess sometimes names out of context… (snickering again)

    Say it ain’t so, Joe! I love my Friends. See the “my” ahead of the title? They’re my real friends. How can you hate them?

  16. Mr. Fabulous

    Actually, I didn’t, but because I love you, I found the answer.


  17. jali

    mr. fab,
    Thank you, thank you. You’re more than fabulous, you’re the hero of the week! You win 25 cool points to use however you wish. Smooch – hug!

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