Train Stuff

I’m back on the bus and train and I’m looking as these moments as opportunities. (Don’t I sound like one of those “life trainers”?)

These moments are opportunities since without them I might not have new blogging material; and baby I have blogging material today!

It was 29 degrees in Atlanta Georgia this morning. 29 degrees. Please keep this fact in mind as it has a strong bearing on the next story.

Pretty young girl maybe 25 or so. Diva-ish dress style – appropriate for Saturday night at a club if a limo drops you off at the front door and security can whisk you inside so that you don’t even notice a chill. Totally inappropriate for an icy elevated train platform with the winds blowing NNE at 36 MPH. Girlfriend had on stretch Capris slacks with white stiletto pumps. No tights – no stockings – just cold, cold legs in the morning.

Once we boarded the train she sat directly across from me and I was able to continue with my observation (Yeah, I’m nosy as hell). Girlfriend was a big girl and needed to wear big girl clothes to look good. Girlfriend wore a strapless bra that was waaaaaay too small under a skin tight white sweater. The too tight strapless bra created bumps above her breasts that looked like additional breasts. She carried a white summer purse in an effort to pull the outfit together.

These things seemed remarkable to me, but what made her unbelievable was that she pulled a small roll of toilet paper from that white summer bag and proceeded to delicately blow her nose. On a train FULL of people she pulled out a roll of toilet paper. Emergencies happen – it’s true. I can imagine being stuck with a roll in my bag and discreetly pulling some out to blow my nose. I can’t imagine making a big production out of it.

Another girl decided that she needed 2 seats this morning and leaned on the wall with her feet up in the adjoining seat and started to do what looked like her homework. The riders that were standing there meekly just let her do it. It lasted for just one stop when a chick got on, stood next to the offending feet and glared at the girl who moved her feet and apologized.

In the “self absorbed” standard we’ve come to accept, at the far end of the train another young woman was having a private telephone onversation. Well, it would have been private if she hadn’t shouted into the phone so that everyone with a pulse heard everything she said. She cursed and argued and cussed and yelled and cursed again. Totally offensive at 7:10 in the morning with a variety of riders aboard the train. The N word was used so many times I wanted to scream. Some of us looked up in horror each time a new volley started, but I wasn’t looking for a beat down on my way to work so I kept my mouth shut. (yup, a punk)

One great note: I saw 3 different guys give up their seats to ladies this morning. Thank you young dudes! You made my day.



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26 responses to “Train Stuff

  1. BV

    9 times out of 10 when I’m somewhere and someone does something rude or distasteful…it’s a woman. My how the tides have turned.

  2. Christina_the_wench

    Quite the ride in this morning for you. I don’t understand how it is EVER ok to use the N word, no matter what the color of your skin. That term is so derogatory. She needed a smack down, Jali.

  3. Lightning Bug's Butt

    You’re welcome for that. I’m all about the chivalry.

  4. Trying2BMe

    A.M. in the ATL, got to love it! I know what you mean about big girls should dress accordingly. Being one myself would never be caught dead in anything skin tight white on… can you say JELLY ROLL!

    Then the issue with the feet in the seat, that’s just cause she’s trying to appear tough. Really she was some terrified yuppy offspring hoping to survive to the next Starbucks. And the oh-so-public telephone calls… GOT TO LOVE THEM. I’ve had to let someone know on more than one occasion that I have a 3yr old in tow, to watch the language. They hate it, but I’m bold that way!

    And a big whoop whoop for the boys who had enough decency and smacks by their mommas to give up their seats.

  5. heartinsanfrancisco

    It seems as if any close encounters with our fellow humans provide endless opportunities to contemplate how really far we have not advanced as a civilization (and I use that word advisedly.)

    I am mightily offended by those who have loud conversations on their cell phones in public places. To do so while committing racial slurs is despicable, though it IS mildly entertaining to imagine what kind of karma they are courting.

    My favorite one is that they die and get to the Pearly Gates, where they discover that God is black.

  6. Let's Pretend

    This is why I avoid public transportation!

    As a big girl I would like to humbly apologize for those of my kind who feel a need to display the rolls for all to see–I know what’s under this shirt, but I don’t feel a need to put it on display!!

  7. Little Lamb

    I, for one, do not carry toilet paper to blow my nose. I carry regular tissues for that. I don’t carry toilet paper. I leave that home.

  8. Winters

    I feel those stories in the heart, Jali. I spend a lot of time on the Paris underground system.

    The issues and the language are a little different, but exactly the same kind of crap goes on…

  9. restaurant gal

    Love those young men who gave up their seats. They allow much hope for the future of civility. As for the seat poacher and the cell phone screamer–those cool young men would never give them a second glance.

    –The Gal

  10. ~Macarena~

    If you say something, though – and please make sure you have several human shields before you speak – others may back you up. It’s possible everyone else is silent because they assume no one’s speaking up because no one approves of doing so.

  11. C

    You so crack me up. I can imagine the retards (no offense to the really mentally challenged) on the train.

  12. Superstar

    ~rolls eyes~
    WHITE?!?!?!? AFTER LABOR DAY?!?!?!?! WHAT

    ~looks for phone book~
    We need the fashion po=po to get up in her biziness! And don’t even get me started on the double buble butt and boobs in TOO small clothes??!?!
    ~looks for ticket book~
    Where did she go? What exit should I be on the look out for?!?!?

    THANK you Lighting bug’s butt for your open my doors and allowing me to go infront of you! I will always politly smile and thank a man for that! ~claps hands wildly~

  13. Webmiztris

    omg, the toilet paper thing is hysterical! and the quadriboob thing too! you paint quite the picture, jali. ;D

  14. Luke Cage

    Boy oh boy. When my best friend and I got on the train in the morning, that was usually the highlight of our day. We would clown folks on there and just sit back and watch other folks make fools of themselves, like big chick you mentioned. I miss NYC transit riding. There were memorable stories galore on there. And I recall my great days as a gentlemen. Those were fine days.. umm, not that I’m not today though.. (wink)

  15. Rev. Smokin Steve

    Blowing your nose with toilet paper…

    that’s funny!

  16. fringes

    Yay for the chivalrous dudes! That should have made up for the toilet paper thing.

  17. Nölff

    Trains in Atlanta are safer than driving. Traffic on 85 is crazy.

    Charlotte has the same problem.

  18. Memphis Steve

    Are you gonna start playing Steph’s seat-stealing game? I’d be curious to know how Loud Cell Phone N Word Woman would react to finding you in her regular seat. Maybe I’m mean, but I think this has the potential to be really, really funny for you and me both.

  19. mist1

    White shoes? No. I’m glad I didn’t see that.

  20. Amadeo

    I used to catch the bus with this guy I knew from around. One day this lady stood up at the back door and dropped a nice wad of cash. We tried to tell this lady for 5 minutes that she dropped her money and she ignored us. Finally an older lady leaned over and said,”Baby they trying to tell you you dropped your money.”

    Sometimes it’s hard to even give up your sit.

  21. Elaine

    OH damn…the roll of t.p., the too tight sweater, the four breasts, the deaf racist cell phone girl and (gasp)…there’s gentlemen left in this world??

    I think I might go to Atlanta and ride this freak show train you speak of…

  22. Steph

    Thank God I’m not the only one having to deal with freaks on public transport!

  23. Oh, The Joys

    My man rides that train in the a.m. He’s always amazed at just how mean people can get on the marta ride.

  24. Matt

    I pretend to threaten people on the phone. Or else.

  25. Evil Genius

    Wow! I don’t know if I could stay as quiet as you when seeing idiots like those on the transit lines. But I do love seeing young men give up their seats to ladies/pregnant women. Nice to know chivalry isn’t completely dead.

  26. Liz

    When I was in my early twenties, before the advent of blogs, I used to interview people on the El platform in Chicago. The weirder looking the better. I’d ask them all sorts of questions and I would have loved to ask this chica a thing or too. Definitely good observational material.

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