Protection Stuff

I’m having another “great” period. Does anyone not get the sarcasm dripping (just like a period) from my words?

All I needed to do to prepare for this bodily invasion this morning was to find my protective supplies in the cabinet under the sink.

I thought about all the homeless and poor women in the world who aren’t able to grab a tampon and go. They don’t have the money to buy food – much less feminine products.

We are a global community and I would like to ask my blogger buddies to give. I don’t want money. (Yes I do – but not in this case). I would like to start a grassroots effort to provide tampons and feminine napkins to women who need them but can’t afford them.

I’ve been caught out there with no protection and no cash and the ‘make do’ efforts I’ve resorted to aren’t comfortable or reliable. Imagine this happening every month. Imagine being 14 years old and alone with NO ONR to ask. We pass the homeless every day.

I’ve been contacting agencies to help – so far no response, but I’m going to find a way. I’m asking that you contact the local homeless organizations in your area as well as social agencies to see where we can send the products. I’m also asking that each of you buy an extra box of whatever you use to set aside to contribute to the cause. You can email me with info – so that we can compile a list of drop off points in different regions. or

If you pass this info along to other bloggers you know perhaps we can really make a difference. I call this the protection project. Please guys, let’s make a small difference in this big world.



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25 responses to “Protection Stuff

  1. Pig and Taz

    I cant believe I’ve just read a whole post about tampons!

    Being a bloke (albeit a slightly girly one sometimes, but only sometimes), I don’t have any spares lying around.

    But what an enterprising idea!

    *trots out, muttering something about ‘devil’s treacle’*

  2. Pig and Taz

    *trots back in again to shout ‘YAY! FIRST!’*

    *smugly wanders back out*

  3. mist1

    Good idea. I suggest calling 211, the United Way. They’ll set you up with agencies in your area.

  4. ~d

    OMIGOD! this is an awesome idea!
    I absolutely LOVE it!
    (and YOU!)

  5. ~Macarena~

    I tried evil Tampax, and couldn’t bring myself to throw out the remaining 18, but I figured they don’t want an open box.

    This seems like something that would be less expensive for guys who aren’t already buying tampons.

  6. restaurant gal

    Several churches near me have “water ministries” for the homeless. Most are geared toward providing showers (along with soaps, toothbrushes, etc.) and a place to wash clothing. Such programs, however, would be so appropriate for this kind of donation. I will check that out in my city.

    And thanks for recently visiting my “house.” I’ve missed you!

    Best, The Gal

  7. Maria

    YOu know what…I’ve thought of this before-This is a GREAT IDEA! I’d like to help.

  8. Christina_the_wench

    Fabulous idea! I will bring this up to my fellow community board members at the next meeting.

  9. heartinsanfrancisco

    Jali, it’s a great idea. I used to manage a shelter for battered women, and made sure to keep the supply closet filled with sanitary products as well as toothbrushes and soap.

    Such seemingly little things do make a difference to those in need.

    I like your new photo, gorgeous lady.

  10. Lex

    What a great idea! I’ll happily buy stuff to send.

  11. C

    This is a great idea. I will check around here locally but if there is no agency here – let me know and I will send you my donation to add to your contribution.

  12. awaiting

    That is a WONDERFUL idea.

    We don’t have homeless shelters around here…town is kinda small compared to the ATL…but it is an idea to pass on to my church!

    And I am digging that lovely new avatar! Work it, Jali!

  13. Luke Cage

    Nice to know that folks care. Most movements start with just one thought, one concept, one question and finally one objective. Congrats to setting it off luv. Now, lets see where this ultimately goes!

  14. Superstar

    I think this is a fab idea…my friends at softcup will be most supportive of such a cause…
    I can no longer wear tampons and this is the only thing that has SAVE humanity from the RATH of Bambi!

    ~claps hands wildly~

  15. Lightning Bug's Butt

    My what a philanthropist you are, Jali.

    I promise to become more aware of feminine hygeine needs.

  16. Steph

    You are like the Oprah of the Blogosphere! Good on you Jali. You rock!

  17. Elaine

    United Nations Ambassador of Mensies?

    Angelina’s got nuttin on you girl.

  18. Matt

    I feel bad b/c I thought you were kidding at first. I’m always worried that homeless people don’t have enough to read.

  19. Evil Genius

    Fabulous idea!!

    Oh, and the person who came up with that “great period” or “happy period” or whatever that commercial’s slogan is has GOT to be a man. I mean, REALLY!

  20. Mr. Fabulous

    This is a great idea. I never ever considered that before.

  21. Little Lamb

    Dan, if you could meet anybody dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

  22. SunKingpoet

    I remember that during the Katrina hurricane down around these parts, they were asking not only for food supplies, but feminine hygiene products as well. It really made me think about this very thing. I wonder how many of these things the shelter down the street needs.

    hugs to my sis.

  23. SunKingpoet

    Oh yes, I’ll need to speak with youa bout something soon. I should send you an email.

  24. Sam, Problem-Child-Bride

    I got here via Kav and I’m happy I came. That’s a fantastic idea, Jali. I’m going to look into it locally and will keep you posted. If there’s nothing needed locally (I’m in a small town and we’re pretty conscientious about our homeless people already) I’d still like to help out somehow and will glady send you stuff for distribution where you are.

    Cracking idea.

  25. awaiting

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Jali!!

    You make them wings yet?

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