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I’m a Blockbuster online member and I’ve taken full advantage of the services they offer. I’ve been watching movies like crazy and I’m gonna talk about one that I watched recently.

Sometimes In April was as difficult for me to watch as Hotel Rwanda was a few months ago. I almost turned it off a few times because it hurt so much, but I decided that my tears were nothing compared to the suffering of those portrayed in this film. One million people were slaughtered in the 100 days of Rwanda uprising – the Hutu nationalists against their Tutsi countrymen.

Idris Elba starred as Augustin Muganza. Damn – I can’t even talk about it right now -I’m tearing up already. Please see this movie.



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7 responses to “Review Stuff

  1. djn

    I’ll check it out — but I would like to hear your description at some point.

  2. djn

    By the way, Jali, I went ahead and tagged you over on my blog. 🙂

  3. Lightning Bug's Butt

    I can’t handle movies like that. I’m still trying to work up the nerve to watch Schindler’s List.

  4. Kav

    Haven’t heard of this one jali, but Hotel Rwanda is powerful stuff. I will definitely check it out.

  5. Matt

    better than netflix?

  6. mist1

    Hotel Rwanda is in my Netflix queue. I keep pushing it down further and further. I am afraid.

  7. Christina_the_wench

    I don’t wanna cry, thus the reason I have not watched these movies too.

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