A Picture Says so Much Stuff



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14 responses to “A Picture Says so Much Stuff

  1. Superstar

    OH GOOOOOODDDDD Gravey!!!!


    ~rolls eyes~
    You know I saw a license plate HOLDER that said “impeach Bush”….HMMM they might have been on to something with that….

    ~shakes head~

  2. awaiting

    Does he even have a heart? Or is he just having a bad case of gas?

  3. Kevin

    Hey thanks for stopping by. I’m guessing your assault was a compliment! 🙂

    (And I believe you are my first official female reader so you win the prize.)

  4. Amadeo

    “Oh, shouldn’t have had that Cheez Whiz.”

  5. ~d

    HAHAHA! I was totally thinking what awaiting said!
    how do you spell relief?

  6. CP

    “I pledge allegiance, to my stomach which is filled with the bullshit of my Presidency. And to the fast food, of which I ate, one taco, under KFC, Boston Market, with Burger King and Pizza Hut for all.”


  7. ~Macarena~

    There was a bumper sticker that read:

    Cheney Ashcroft Rumsfeld Bush

  8. Matt

    Anyone, conservative or liberal, with a populist bent hates Bush. I love conservatives who hate Bush.

  9. C

    Poor hand eye coordination. Wonder what he tries to grab when he goes to pee – his knees. He looks more like he is going to be sick. where did you get this. it’s hilarious.

  10. SunKingpoet

    There’s something waiting for you at OM.


  11. Carla

    OMG, that really just says it all!

  12. Steph

    Please, please vote out this clown the first chance you get!

  13. Bugwit

    Georgie-boy: “Hey, mommy, I got a tummy rumbler.”

    Laura: “Shut up, we’ll get you a happy meal on the way to the airport. And I’m not your mommy.”

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