Test stuff

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This is a jali test. I got it from Dirkie-poo, Mama Mancuso’s sweet son.



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6 responses to “Test stuff

  1. mist1

    I was told there would be no tests.

  2. Christina_the_wench

    I can’t think this late in the day. I know you’re a woman and older than me. Did I pass?

  3. awaiting

    You scored a 60 out of 110

    Congratulations, you answered 54% of the questions correctly

    Okay, so I did good, but not great…spill the beans…give me more info!

  4. jali

    Just wait until the next one…(ominous music plays in the background)


    That was great! How did you know all that?

  5. dirk.mancuso

    Look at me and bertha b showing the love for all things Jali-related!

  6. jali

    dirkie poo is my BABY!!!

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