These questions were sent to me by HotCoffeeGirl.

1. How old were you when you lost your virginity and do you wish now that you were younger or older when you did?
I was 15. My boyfriend Scott (17 at the time) was great! I had a bath at his house (mom and dad were at work) he lotioned and baby powdered me, then let me examine his penis. (I thought it would be like a chicken neck since I’d heard of “boners” – how naive for a 15 year old). We uses a gel contraceptive in something like a chicken baster. It only hurt a little – he took his time. It was a wonderful experience that I wouldn’t want to change.

2. Is there a particular moment that you felt truly “grown up”?
I felt “grown up” after my high school graduation when I went to a dinner dance with my parents the week before I left for Virginia Union U.

3. What is the one place that you have not visited but always wanted to?

4. What are you wearing today and why did you choose that outfit?

Black slacks, Black and green shirt (nice design) black shoes. Why? – No iron clothes.

5. If people are reincarnated when they die, what animal will you likely return to the earth as?
A cat. I love to be stroked.

If you comment, I’ll send you 5 of my own questions.



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  1. Trying2BMe

    Can I just say… you make me laugh girl!!! The chicken neck comment straight through to being a cat for stroking purposes… I love your answers.

  2. EsLocura

    great questions, great answers, I have some naked neck chickens, I would bet hard cash they can pass for a penis. (the chicken necks, not the actual chicken)

  3. J-Bigg

    This is a bit unrelated to your post, but do you remember the Slowsky’s? They were a family of turtles in a Comcast ad campaign from last year. Their necks and heads looked EXACTLY like penises. I’m sure, that’s why the campaign was so shortlived.

  4. ~Macarena~

    Aw, I love the Slowskys!


    Jali, the chicken-neck logic is so endearing! I could just hug TeenJali.

  5. mist1

    I’m going to let you borrow a book that my mom gave me. It’s called “101 Diseases You Don’t Want to Get.”

    You can catch almost all of them in Africa. It pretty much cured my desire to travel to Africa.

  6. Webmiztris

    I lost my virginity at 15 too – and also to a 17 year old! I believe we used a condom the first time but after that we were together for a while, we used the spermacide via turkey baster thing for a few years…LOL That stuff was such a mess!

  7. ~d

    I tried to lose my virginity to a Scott. Didn’t work out. (smile)
    *grown up?! WOW, that must have been a tough one to answer…I don’t think I could answer that.
    (if you are still handing out Q’s…I would LOVE some!)

  8. heartinsanfrancisco

    How wonderful that your first time was so fine. I suspect that few women can say that. I sure can’t.

    I would also love to see Africa. How soon can you be ready?

  9. Bugwit

    Wow, how did you find a guy like that at 17? Hell, it’s probably hard to find a guy like that at any age!

    I didn’t know anything till much older than 17. Maybe I still don’t! 🙂

  10. Elaine

    LOL! A chicken neck! But I see your 15 year old logic at work there. That should be how every girl should lose her virginity!

  11. Cece

    Love it! Send me five! PS I wear black all the time its beyond slimming and I was 15 too.

  12. Kav

    Your losing your virginity story sounds a lot less fun than mine jali. Didn’t you guys have any sort of games consoles at all?

  13. katrice

    I was 16 and it was no fun at all. I wish I had waited ’til I was married. No one else was any good.

    The Slowskys still come on up here.

    Send questions please! I love this!

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