Bunch ‘O Stuff

I watched the classic film, “A Pocketful of Miracles” last night. It’s one of my favorite stories of all time and the character interaction, the acting and the direction (by Frank Capra)are all outstanding. It’s the story of Apple Annie (Bette Davis), a Broadway street vendor and Dave the Dude (Glen Ford) a local mob boss with a big dream. Annies sells Dave the Dude her lucky apples and his businesses (shady of course) are all successful. I don’t want to give away the story so I won’t say anything more, but LISTEN TO ME – GO GET THIS MOVIE AND WATCH IT THIS WEEKEND.
Some of the cast: Bette Davis, Glen Ford, Peter Falk, Hope Lange, and the debut of Anne Margaret.

I watch TV regularly, so I see certain commercials on a pretty regular basis. I have a new love/hate list.

The “Mother’s Day” Publix (local supermarket chain) commercial showing 3 dads and their kids preparing a special breakfast for their moms is sweet. I stop to watch every time it comes on. (stopping on a dime get’s more difficult with age – it’s comedy watching me jerk to see the commercial if I was doing something else and my chiropractor loves it)

I hate the commercial that explains that one would need 2 trucks to pull 20 trillion pounds unless you use the “whatever truck they’re advertising” with the enclosed pull thingie (cue to a guy showing us the enclosed thingie). Do most truck buyers across the country actually haul shit? In Atlanta, most truck owners use their trucks to 1. block the highways during rush hour, 2. make it difficult for non-truck people to back out of parking spaces, and 3. generally block the view of people driving behind or besides them so.

Speaking of TV – the last episode of House moved me to tears. Both brothers (ages 10 and 14) were willing to die for the other. Amazing story despite the crazy medicine and crazier ethics.

I pick Melinda Doolittle to win Idol this year. She’s an amazing talent. People may hate the show so: Turn it off – there are other channels to watch and other things to do. I don’t understand the people who “vote for the worst” – why screw up someone’s chance for something you claim to hate? Sabrina was voted off waaaay to early because of the bullshit.



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12 responses to “Bunch ‘O Stuff

  1. Matt

    Yeah, um, enough about what you’re watching on the boob tube. How’s your sex life?

  2. EsLocura

    I love Bette Davis movies. I have never watch “idol” not because I have anything against it, just never watched it but it does crack me up that every who claims to hate it, watches it, go figure.

  3. Cece

    I’m with Matt…;-)
    But I did love googling this year’s contestants so I could remember who Sabrina was. My pick goes to Lakisha. Melinda just doesn’t do it for me. I think its the no neck thing she has going

  4. ~Macarena~

    “Worst”: Some people aren’t content with their discontent; they have to try to force their opinion on everyone else.

    I am w/ you on massive vehicles. People tend to use small vehicles for hauling, and I keep my distance, but should the ladder or whatever crap they have jusy laying in the bed of their truck or tied to the open door of their van come flying at me, I could be decapitatd like the surfboarded guy in Lethal Weapon 2.

    Have you seen the “Go Meat” nonsense?

  5. Luke Cage

    Hey miss Jali! You watch HOUSE too? And I saw that great episode. It was definitely one of the best of this fine season. HOUSE is one of the most underrated shows on tv right NOW! Happy Monday to you luv…

  6. BV

    I like Melinda, too. She nails it everytime and she is really humble.

  7. C

    I just borrowed the Usual Suspects from a friend. I have never seen it.

  8. Elaine

    I’m gonna rent that movie tonight because Jali says so. 🙂

  9. Superstar

    YEAHHHHH Melinda. I liked her from the auditions.

    ~shakes head~
    Nope I cant…I promised that w/ the WHOLE effed up Sanjya thing that I was going to REFUSE to support it…
    Thats Ok I get weekly updates from my “hip” gramdma. LOL ;o)

    I love classic movies, in Black and White….So awesome.

    My 7th graders are watching the Miracle Worker and they told me after a little bit they didn’t even notice that it’s Black and white!
    LOVE IT!!!!

  10. Amadeo

    Arsenic and Old Lace…nuff said.

  11. Christina_the_wench

    I just can’t bring myself to watch House. I wanna punch the lead doctor in the face everytime he opens his mouth. Now ER moves me to tears every time….

  12. dirk.mancuso

    Bette Davis — love her.

    Melinda was my pick from the start. And I love she came in without the ego some of them do.

    After Christina’s comment, I’m scared to say this…but Dr. House is really just Dirk (only with a medical degree).

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