Odd Stuff

Anyone remember these guys?


My pen is almost out of ink. I usually wait until there is no ink left to replace it, but I’m thinking about going to Staple’s today and I just might buy a new pen. I haven’t been to Staple’s in a while so there just might be new items I can use. Maybe I’ll go online a little later to see what they have to offer and I can make a day of it. Wow. That’ll be fun!

Someone gave me one of those red buttons from Staple’s a little while back. I had it on my desk for a few days, but it seemed that everyone that passed my desk had to push the button and make snarky comments, so I put the button in my top desk drawer and finally took it home,along with my birthday cards from people in the office. (jali looks in drawer to see what’s in the drawer)

Wow! Here’s a pen. I guess I won’t need to go to Staple’s after all.


I don’t want to hear that this whole bloggity blog is mundane.

Will be back to edit. Quick post due to orders from miss mist. (love to say that)



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9 responses to “Odd Stuff

  1. Nölff

    My office gets everything from Staples. When I run out of staples, I can’t find any because everything says “Staples”.

  2. Amadeo

    I use a caligraphic pen so I have cartridges here and at home. Re: the Bee Gees, alot of people have some real clean cut pictures from back in the day, Willie Nelson with no beard in a collar shirt and sweater is hilarious.

  3. EsLocura

    I either have no pens or 2,348 pens, how does this happen? I can’t think of the Bee Gees without thinking of John travolta.

  4. mist1

    Which time zone are you in? The Carnival of the Mundane was Friday.

  5. Winters

    Hello Jali.

    My word, those Bee Gees had a very special dental hygienist.

  6. restaurant gal

    Album covers. I miss them. So square and cardboard. So perfect for the likes of the Bee Gees!

  7. Christina_the_wench

    I’m an Office Depot chick myself. No cool red buttons, I’m afraid.

    The Bee Gees – um, ew. Guys who sound and sing like girls were never my thing.

  8. Luke Cage

    Hey miss Jali! Good morning to you. Don’t you hate it when folks just help themselves to things on your desk??? -geez!

  9. Breez

    Sometimes we need the mundane to keep us sane. Oooh…that rhymed!

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