Blogger Stuff

You guys are literally the best!

I’m going to name a few of the bloggers who touch me: (in a good way)

damien (DD)@Almost Infamous, Amadeo Sogni, cp @An Oxymoron Is Not An Idiot With Zits, matt @ Animal Mind, Awaiting, laurie @Beauty and the Beer, Bugwit, tom @Party Vikings, christina @Call Me soccer Mom and Die, CeCe @CeCe’s Style, C @C-Writing, girlanddog @Dog is My Co-Pilot, esLocura @EsLocura’s Asylum, trying2beme @Finding Me…All of Me, heartsinsanfrancisco @Guilty With an Explanation, hot coffee girl, taz&pig (the blog in hiding), kav @kav’s blog, d @l.i.t.s.w.a.b., lbb @lightning bug’s butt, little lamb at Lamb Chop, mac @Macarena de Verano, fairmaiden @Maiden New York, donna @Monkey Business, steph @Much Ado About Sumptin’, rev.steve @My Big Fat Friggin Head , lynn @My Mixed Company, mike @Nonsense Served Almost Daily (where the hell is he???, miss ann thrope @OMFGWTF, lex @On Second Thought, mr. fab @Pointless Drivel, Problem Child Bride, frank @Reap The Whirlwind, Restaurant Gal, rhys @ Rhysently, the midget @Sanity Interrupted, bambi @Single life in your 30’s , chase @Taste The World, Kiyotoe @The Dragon, jeremy @The Starving Artist Speaks, dawn @Tiny Voices In My Head, mist1 @To Do: Get Hobby, dirk @Too Disgusting to Contemplate, Too Compelling to Ignore, katrice @Wait…I’ll Think of Something… , winters, eddie @eddie, are you kidding?.

Despite my best effort not to miss anyone special I probably did and I’m sorry.

You guys are my family online – some of you are becomming my family in RL too.



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21 responses to “Blogger Stuff

  1. Christina_the_wench

    Aww. I am feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. And you know that’s SO not me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    *big hug*

    Thanks, Jali and right back at ya!

  2. EsLocura

    be still my heart, thank you for that lovely vote of confidence.

  3. ~Macarena~

    Aw, thanks a bunch.

    I’m glad, ahem, it’s a good touch.

  4. restaurant gal

    I feel very much at home at your house, too, Jali. Thank you from my heart.

  5. Luke Cage

    *** Biiiig Huggg! *** oops,didn’t mean to squeeze ya too hard baby!


  6. Trying2BMe

    Thank you, but I want to be IRL too… don’t leave me out. I know I live in “Pert Near Alabama, GA”, but that doesn’t mean I can’t meet up with ya! You just tell me when and where and I’m there baby!!!

    ๐Ÿ˜€ T

  7. mist1

    Tomorrow, I hope you post a list of bloggers who touch you in a bad way.

  8. Elaine

    LOL at mist1 comment^^ I hope I’m on that list too!
    I love your blog house..thanks for letting me in, even though I leave midget prints all over the carpet and I never pick up after myself.


  9. Cece

    Aww! Why thank you. You touch me as well. You manage to be wise and relateable and real all at once.

  10. heartinsanfrancisco

    Love you too, kiddo.

    Wanna do lunch?

  11. J-Bigg

    Wow, thanks for the love sexy lady.

  12. The Rev

    You haven’t forgotten me.

    I’m touched.

  13. Matt

    I don’t think it’s flaky. We’re all part of one grand experiment.

  14. Amadeo

    You like me, you really like me!

  15. C

    Oh Jali thanks for noting me and my humble writing that sometimes borders on deranged. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your site inspires me to see things in new ways.

  16. Winters

    That’s lovely, Jali.

    Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Rhys

    Thank you, sweetie, that is such an honor! We all love and admire you! You rock. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Kiyotoe

    wow, that was unexpected. And right when i was coming to copy your html so that i could add you to the VIP list.

    Thanks jali. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Sam, Problem-Child-Bride

    That’s lovely, Jali! LOVELY!

    Cheers, you sweet thing, you.

  20. Webmiztris

    thanks, jali!

  21. katrice

    We love you, Jali!

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