Scrubs Stuff

Before reading this thread: I never really thought much about the TV show “Scrubs”. After answering quite a few of the questions correctly I’ve come to realize that…

I’m a Scrubbie – and I’m proud. (you know, like Trekkies – only we just wear scrubs…or date scrubs…or we scrub non porous surfaces)

I’ve decided to have a Scrubs trivia game (yes I copied some of the questions from the Dope board.)

1. What actor does Dr. Cox dislike with an amazing intensity?

2. Why does Carla’s brother HATE Turk?

3. The show has taught us the way to stop men from listening to women’s conversations. What technique is used?

4. Why was the original divorce of Jordin and Dr. Cox invalid?

5. Name Ted’s a capella band.

6. What did The Janitor get as a birthday gift when he turned 12?

7. What’s a “stinkbug”?

8. What did J.D. do to get Turk’s frat brothers so angry?

9. What disease does Turk use to get Carla’s sympathies?

10. Who’s sister did J.D. take to the fair with Dr. Cox and Jordin?



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9 responses to “Scrubs Stuff

  1. heartinsanfrancisco

    Jali, I have never seen Scrubs, so let’s just pretend I came here to shmooze.

  2. Steph

    Never been a fan but know heaps of people that are. I just don’t get the humour.

  3. EsLocura

    I am going to add scrubs to my list of shows to watch at least once, until then, got anything to drink around here?

  4. Amadeo

    I’ve seen scrubs, but not enough to pass the quiz. Everytime I see Donald Faison I hear, “He’s a cake boy!”

  5. Webmiztris

    I don’t know the answer to any of these questions, but I DO love the show. I just rarely watch it (or anything else) on TV.

  6. Rhys

    I LOVELOVELOVE Scrubs! Okay, now I’m going to do the quiz…

    Scrubbie! Hee! 🙂

  7. Cece

    I like the show and now that’s its synidcated in my area i find I’m watching it more. its like Seinfield you have to get it a while to get it but once you do its really good.

  8. dirk.mancuso

    I’m with Steph — I don’t get the humor. (But all my friends swear it is the best.)

  9. C

    I am not a scrubbie but this sounds fun.

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