Sexy Stuff

Justin didn’t have to bring sexy back. Sexy’s been here for a while!



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16 responses to “Sexy Stuff

  1. mist1

    We can totally hang out. Don’t worry, I won’t touch your men. We have different tastes.

  2. Superstar

    LOL ;o)
    OH I am all over Bruce like Ugly on an Ape…I am SURE Vin won’t mind!

  3. EsLocura

    Raul Julia .. he’s dead now but damn when he wasn’t … HOT.

  4. Nölff

    If I was gay, which I’m not, I would have a crush on one of those guys that I won’t tell who, but I will tell you his name rhymes with Wruce Brillis.

  5. Kiyotoe

    Ray Lewis ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Cece

    Oh honey. Bruce has been my -lover in my head- for a long long time. Is he not the Finest!!!
    And PS this—–>
    Confession time:
    I’ve been watching quite a bit of Far from reality TV. I’m fascinated by the girls in “Charm School”. Fascinated. No one I know speaks the way they do, dresses like them or fights so easily. It’s like watching a National Geographic special on hyenas or tarantulas – they’re ugly but interesting.

    I spit all over my laptop, so thank/damn you!

  7. Shonda-Land

    *guh* Bruce Willis. Yowza. Momma likes.


    Bruce. Yes. I just had an argument with someone at work about him. I say HOT, he says NOT. And I’m like, WHAT? Glad you are giving some ammo here. Even more glad you are still reading me… Good to see your comment the other day. Thank you for hanging in…

  9. Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars!

    Ahem…I couln’t help but notice that I’m absent from that short list. Not offended. Not at all. Really.

  10. Luke Cage

    Check out your tastes miss Jali 🙂 I have a friend who’s a stark raving Ray Lewis fan!!! She loves that cat.

    But on another topic, Julius Erving has a fly ass mix of salt and pepper beard! From a straight guy point of view, I admired how coiffed his beard was. I told my friends, when I gray out, I want that perfect blend of mixture as well in my beard too!

  11. Amadeo

    Ray Lewis is my man…I’m not trying to get with him of course. This is one of those Boomerang moments…”Look at his shoulders…”

  12. melanie

    yea, but where’s Denzel? or… ooo i like Johnny Depp. But i am kinda quirky.

  13. miss tracey nolan

    Oh. Bruce. Bruce. Bruce.


  14. jay bee

    oh, how i love me some bruce willis. my boy looks a little like him. brucie juicy bruce smoosh goosh bruce!

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