Bloggity Blog Hater Stuff

It always amazes me that most of the people I know in RL don’t read blogs at all. I send out links to wonderful pages and great information by outstanding writers, but they’re just not interested. I’m surprised by the number of people who have never heard the term “blog” before and who ask me exactly what’s the point. I generally go into the shortened “from the word ‘weblog’ ” explanation and give them a quickie on some of the types of pages I’ve seen – I’ve offered links to different blog hosting services and waited for the announcement that there’s a new kid on the block out there.

I’ve watched people’s eyes kind of glaze over sometimes when I’m discussing blogging, and I realize that this phenomenon just isn’t for everyone. (My head realizes it – but my heart still doesn’t get it).

I’ve been warned not to give up too much info about the wonder that is jali – if I do, the “internet stalkers” will get me. I’ve been told that my online family members are actually nuts who type with one desperate hand while naked and masterbating and that it’s impossible to make real friends online.

I’ve met some of you guys – and you’re as perverted as me – and I loves ya.

Are your RL friends and family members bloggers? If not are they supporters?



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30 responses to “Bloggity Blog Hater Stuff

  1. SRB

    A lot of time I will get “Oh I thought only teenagers blog”… but I still truck along. Actually by blogging I get a lot of my chest that I normally would internalize and it’s super therapeutic for me. A few of my friends blog, but I am most pleased with the number of fantastic people I have found through blogs. I don’t know any of them in real life, but by reading about their lives I feel like I have known them forever.

  2. katrice

    I have a friend who writes very well and her response to me when I encouraged her to blog was, “I don’t wanna put my business out there for the world to see.”

    My little brother is in college and is blog-ignorant as well. That troubled me, until I remembered that he doesn’t like to read ANYthing.

    And speaking of stalkers, I have a new home. “Wait… I’ll Think of Something” is still up for a little while, but I’m inviting all my blog friends to look for me in my new spot. E-mail me at katrice0321 at yahoo dot com for the new URL.

    That goes for any of Jali’s regular readers who are interested as well.

    (I’m not publicizing my new blog on the old blog for a reason. My stalker happens to be a RL person, not a blogger.)


  3. Let's Pretend

    A friend encouraged me to blog. I do feel like it’s a good place to put my thoughts, but I am careful about how much info I put out there because my friends and family visit it from time to time–I try not to blog when I am mad at my husband because the things I would like to say are not for everyone to read…

  4. J-Bigg

    Yo, I know exactly what you mean. I thought it was just MY circle of influence who could care less about blogging. I think with the exception of very few people, almost everyone that checks my blog I know strictly through the internet. In fact some of my BEST friends have been made via the net. So whoever says that it’s impossible to make REAL friends online needs to “shoot themself to death and bury the evidence”.

  5. EsLocura

    I am the only one that blogs among my friends and family. The very few that read my blog are always amazed by the things I write about, only a couple write comments. I think they are all afraid of the blog bogey man.

  6. ~Macarena~

    Before I started blogging, I was contemptuous of online “friendships” and I hated that everyone had to have a web site – I don’t like whatever the next new thing is. So I like when people haven’t heard of blogs or High School Musical because I take it to mean they haven’t been subjected to unwanted crap and they were busy with people or anything but a computer or a T.V.

    I think embody the isolation element of the so-called dangers of Internet use. If I had people in my life, I might not be here. On the other hand, that feeds my online persona. Most of my attitude and freedom here stems from the fact that I don’t have to face anyone who reads me. No one’s going to confront me on my physical turf.

  7. mist1

    I never tell people about the blog. Ever.

    I have a friend who knows that I blog, but she doesn’t know the url. The other night, I drunkenly suggested that she blog. I am full of regret.

  8. phishez_rule

    I have a RL friend who introduced me to blogging. One family member and one friend took up blogging but they kinda fell through on it.

    And I don’t have any other RL friends.

  9. Luke Cage

    I have no RL friends who blog, but they are also not surprised that I have one. I’ve given some of them my URL but they hardly come by and when they do, they don’t even really take in the subject matter as much as they appreciate the decor of the site.

    The thing that gets me, and I guess everyone has their own reasons for doing so is, why don’t more bloggers share their URL’s with their RL folks. I heard telling coworkers that you have a blog is a no-no, but I guess I’m content to buck the suggestions and do it anyway.

    As for the blog itself, they say that it’s the perfect forum for me as I am nutty and extroverted and meeting people seems to come very easily for me. How else will people know about me if not through blogging? 😉

  10. Amadeo

    I think I’m the heaviest one I know personally…alot save it for random myspace posts. I do know alot more than I think read mine.

  11. James Burnett

    Most of my “terrestrial” family and friends don’t blog. My mom and friends read my blog, which makes me nervous. But overall they’re pretty supportive.

  12. Paula D.

    I am the only one in my circle of friends that cares to blog. They love to read mine but refuse to start their own. many think it will take to much time or they don’t have anything to talk about.

  13. Superstar

    LOL ;o)
    I tell people I have a web journal. Beyond that, if I told everyone about it…I couldn’t talk about them…LOL :o)

    My sister knows. She says she occationaly checks it…She once told me that I couldn’t load a pic of a SIL that I can’t stand…I just looked at her and said if you don’t like it…Don’t read it.

    I am not blogging for anyone’s approval…well except yours of course…LOL ;o)

  14. dirk.mancuso

    I have two friends who blog (both live in other states). My RL friends do not get it at all — they think it is wrong to put anything personal or otherwise on the internet. I too have been warned about the “pervy internet crowd.” But like you, I too have met some really terrific people as a result of my blog.

  15. Anne

    Hi, I came over from Kiyotoe’s place.
    …nice blog you have here.

    I want you to know I’m not naked and typing with one hand. I’m wearing socks and a snorkeling mask.
    Lol! Don’t worry, I’m joking.

    I know what you mean, and it’s weird that there are so many blogs and so few RL people who blog. I don’t tell any RL people I blog except my kids. I’m not interested in having some co-worker or relative get in my face if they disagree with what I write, or worse, gossip about me. But I love my blogger friends. They’re good people.

  16. Anne

    Hi, I came over from Kiyotoe’s place.
    …nice blog you have here.

    I want you to know I’m not naked and typing with one hand. I’m wearing socks and a snorkeling mask.
    Lol! Don’t worry, I’m joking.

    I know what you mean, and it’s weird that there are so many blogs and so few RL people who blog. I don’t tell any RL people I blog except my kids. I’m not interested in having some co-worker or relative get in my face if they disagree with what I write, or worse, gossip about me. But I love my blogger friends. They’re good people.

  17. Lex

    I’m trying to remember how I got started. I can’t. But I have won quite a few converts. Many of my readers are my friends and family. I don’t keep the fact that I have a blog a secret, because when you guys come up in conversation, I feel the need to explain who you are, so people don’t think you only exist in my head. Actually, I’ve gotten to the point where (if something a blotter mentioned comes up in conversation) I just say, “I have a friend who…”. It simplifies things and alleviates explaining that I’m not having cybersex in chat rooms.

    I’m an open book. People I love and people I could live without ever seeing again know about my blog. They may read it. But I don’t discuss certain topics for that very reason. I limit Ex stuff considerably.

    My RL friends and I have conversations about goings on that we deem “blogworthy” or not. It’s really sad. And cool. We’re the cool kids.

  18. Lex

    blotter = blogger

  19. it's the little things...

    I started blogging to make sense of an ending personal relationship, and was hooked from then on.
    No one I know in RL blogs, and they think it’s strange that I do. Then again, they don’t get lost in the ‘what-ifs’ in life the way I do either.
    I can’t talk about my ‘blogger friends’ to them, because like you, I watch their eyes glaze over.
    I’ve determined that some people are just not interested in life outside of their back door.

  20. heartinsanfrancisco

    I am totally addicted after exactly one year, with no imminent signs of relief.

    None of my RL friends has any interest in my blog. Flip gave my url to both our brothers, and while I am quite sure neither reads it, I can’t write about them, even though there’s some awfully good stuff I could tell.

    You were the first person I linked to, Jali. Your piece about the lime green track suit with emerald green and black racing stripes was a masterpiece.

  21. Lightning Bug's Butt

    I know what you mean, Jali. Bloggers are a rare breed. Most people don’t appreciate it.

    Eff them.

  22. melanie

    I love bloggers. Have a few friends IRL that are bloggers, but not many.

    I love doin it! no matter how lame mine are. 😉

  23. Matt


    Do you think blogging is effeminate? I don’t think so.

    There is just something about communicating and writing that I love that only some people get….

    I dig it the most.

  24. Cibbuano

    I’m glad that there’s a separation between real life and blogland…

  25. Trying2BMe

    No one that I know IRL blog and they don’t get why I do. I try to tell them it’s self therapy… kind of a purge and puke of what’s in my brain. And a lot of time I get some really good sound advice from those that read it. I tell it all, expect to hear anything and my life moves on.

  26. Elaine

    A lot of my friends read my blog, but hardly any of them actually blog. I’m sure its because they feel like they can’t compare to my superior writing skills so I totally understand.
    (I’m kidding! I’m not THAT arrogant..well..not out loud anyways).
    I get a few people who are like, why do you want strangers reading about stuff you wrote and blah blah blah, but I usually just shake my head and ignore them. I feel bad that they haven’t gotten into blogging. I’ve read some of the funniest, smartest, wittiest shit from fellow bloggers! (Including you my dear..).

  27. Kiyotoe

    I’ve converted two or three loved ones. Shoot, i myself was “turned out” by “my brother from another mother”.

    Co-workers enjoy reading my page but i don’t know how successful I’d be to get them to read others’. but they all support and i guess that’s what matters.

  28. Rhys

    Hee, too funny! All these blogging sex-crazy psychos! But you’re right…none of my RL friends blog. They know about MySpace, but that’s the extent. Some of them read my blog, but almost nobody I talk to knows what the hell a blog is. We are so ahead of our time, us bloggers.

    The best thing about blogging is the people I’ve met, like you! 🙂

  29. Lola Gets

    I only have a few RL friends that also blog. Most of my friends and family know that I blog, but Ive only shared the url with a few. And even they dont read it!
    I do have one RL friend who is an regular reader/commenter.

  30. Camille Alexa

    I’m mortified when I find people I know IRL–especially family members–lurk my blog. I’ve never encouraged this. Don’t want to think too much about it, actually.

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