Medical Stuff

The answer to last week’s movie quiz is Snatch. If you haven’t seen it, get to steppin’ and rent the DVD immesdiately.

I’ll be out of here for 4 – 6 weeks folks. I’m having “use it or lose it” surgery, otherwise known as a hysterectomy tomorrow. I don’t have the ‘net at home so I won’t be able to visit with you guys until I come back to work.

Please KNOW that I love you guys!



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20 responses to “Medical Stuff

  1. Cece

    Wow. Be Safe, good luck and all that yada yada yada. I’ll look into snatch but you should look into Dirty Dancing. greatest movie ever!!

  2. EsLocura

    Have a speedy recovery, will be here waiting for your return. besos.

  3. Luke Cage

    Flowers, hugs and kisses to you miss Jali. Here’s to seeing you around the end of July luv. Treat yourself good.

  4. Christina_the_wench

    All my prayers and a quick recovery, hun. We’ll be thinking of you.

  5. mist1

    Hey, if you’re not going to take all those drugs for the pain, I’ll um, help you out.

  6. Matt

    Good luck w/ the female thing, Jalil!

    If I was religious I’d pray for you. 🙂

  7. Elaine

    LOL! “use it or lose it”
    Be safe and have a speedy recovery!

  8. melanie

    take care of yourself. all us internet rats will be here upon your return. you will have lots of time to create blog topics.. HUGZ

  9. Anne

    Best of luck, and for chrissake don’t let anyone make you laugh for a few days afterward… or sneeze… or cough… or move too quick… :p

  10. awaiting

    WE love you too….can’t wait til you’re back.

    I know so selfish of me.

  11. J-Bigg

    You will be in my prayers. Stay up, and you will be missed during the time you are gone.

  12. ~Macarena~

    Wow, major. May you be well.

  13. Restaurant Gal

    Heal well and mend fast. All will be fine, I am sure. Will be thinking of you and wishing you a thousand and one good wishes. –The Gal

  14. it's the little things...

    Best of luck to you Jali! I hope you’re feeling much better when we hear from you next.

  15. Lightning Bug's Butt

    Good luck and godspeed. Say goodbye to your cooter for me.

  16. Lex

    Take care of yourself. Heal well and fast. Damn, I’m jealous of the periodlessness, though.

    We’ll hold off on the meet up until you’re done recovering. We may well just have to come to the ATL.

  17. ~d

    Jali, good luck, the best of recoveries, good pain medication…and you know, we will be right where you left us!
    ~d heart Jali

  18. Superstar

    You lucky lady! I wanted one at age 18…they thought I might want kids..
    Funny Male Dr’s….

    Take care and speedy recovery.

  19. C

    dang! Use it or lose it. That’s the first I heard that put that way.


    OMG ya go away for a little while and look what you miss! So hope you are doing well and taking it easy, lady!

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