I Love U Guys Stuff

My beautiful daughter Dalerie just read me all the comments, and I am so touched. Everything went fine…Although I am still trying to fart so that I can go home(wish you were here smile). I love you guys!!



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28 responses to “I Love U Guys Stuff

  1. EsLocura

    Jali, YAY! can’t wait for you to get back, May you fart fast and furious so you can go home. am happy all is well. take good care, you are missed.

  2. Little Lamb

    I hope all goes well for you.

  3. ~Macarena~


    That sounds like an odd request. I don’t suppose you can assume the positions that might help it along. If you have enough lead time, please try to say, “Thar she blows!”

  4. mist1

    I am still thinking about posting the transcripts of the call that you made to me. Priceless. I want some of those drugs that they gave you.

  5. Elaine

    get that fart out girl!
    Hope to see you back soon! 😀

  6. Steph

    Oh Sweetheart, I’m so sorry to it. I hope you’re recovering well. ((big hugs))

  7. Lex

    Yay!! I’m glad all went well. Fart and go home. Can’t wait for you to get back in the swing of things.

  8. Restaurant Gal

    Can’t wait for you to come home to your house–do whatever (ahem) it takes!

    Best, The Gal

  9. Amadeo

    Get well…have dairy products.

  10. melanie

    trying to fart is a sentence you probably never would say in your daily life, but it holds so much meaning. :giggles:

    yea. smiles are soo great aren’t they? get well, I love you too!

  11. it's the little things...

    Hope it all came out fine. 🙂

  12. Trying2BMe

    Hope you’re healing fine. Can’t wait till you’re 100%, we need a good cup of coffee and a great conversation.

    Hugs and tons of love, take it easy darlin.

  13. Cece

    We love you too!

  14. jay bee

    CHEW LOTS OF GUM! LOTS OF IT! you’ll fart for sure…

  15. heartinsanfrancisco

    Well, damn, Jali. I go away for 10 days and all hell breaks loose.

    I missed all of it, but I send you hugs and love for a quick and painless recovery.

  16. katrice

    I’m sure you’ve farted by now. Hope your recovery is still going well! We miss you!

  17. hot coffee girl

    Hoping you got it all taken care of.

    Feel better, sweet one!

  18. Trying2BMe

    I gave you an award, so when you get back online, come and get it and post it proudly.

    Much love!

  19. Dirk_Star

    If you have not farted by now please do not go outside!

    The fires already burning out of control throughout the western states do not need fanned any further.

    You could blow Wyoming right off the map!

  20. Christina_the_wench

    Damn, girl. I miss you. Where you be???

  21. Matt

    I was hoping the same for myself this morning! No more Chinese food from that joint.

  22. dirk.mancuso

    Sending tons of good wishes for a speedy recovery (and a fart or two).

    Take care and hurry back — we miss you!

    Big hugs,


  23. Anne

    Wish you could fart… Now there’s something you don’t hear every day. Haha! I hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  24. Cazzie!!!

    Found you via Steph’s blog from Down Under. I had the samne surgery 2 years ago. Try to keep moving as much as you can, of course with having relaxing breaks in between..the movement will get the wind going 🙂
    Pear juice 100% gets the bowels going too…if you be so inclined due to the analgesia you maybe having that binds up the poo factory that is!
    Sorry…it is the nurse in me. 🙂

  25. C

    Please fart soon!

  26. ~d

    (checking in on ya…)
    sending love to you!

  27. Elaine

    where fore art thou my sweet?

  28. Restaurant Gal

    Are you coming back to your house soon? We have entirely too much to catch up on.

    Be well, The Gal

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