Where’s Mike Stuff

Does anyone know what happened to Mike of “Nonsense Served Almost Daily”? There are posts in Japanese on the site now. I really miss him.



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4 responses to “Where’s Mike Stuff

  1. Lightning Bug's Butt

    Sure couldn’t tell you. But hey, great post below about the love of reading. What a gift!

  2. Melanie

    i have no idea about this “mike”


  3. it's the little things...

    Isn’t it weird when bloggers disappear? It’s kind of freaky. And disturbing.
    Years ago, I had an internet friend. When he passed away, his son emailed me, which I really appreciated. Otherwise, I never would have known what had happened…

  4. katrice

    Let’s hope that Mike hasn’t passed away. Maybe he’s got a brand-new fluency in Japanese.

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