Wedding Stuff – Sonia and Tai

I don’t know if any of you remember me mentioning, a few months back, that I was honored by a couple getting married and asked to do a poem as part of their wedding ceremony.

The wedding was held in a gorgeous old mansion in town (Atlanta) on a Friday night. The actual ceremony took place in the garden – the evening was beautiful – and we happily assembled outside, preparing for the formal rites.

This is the beautiful couple.

The gentlemen (I call the photo “The Usual Suspects) to the right ROBBED me the night before the wedding.

I was invited to hang out with the crew after the rehearsal and the groom’s mother cooked up a storm. Homemade fried rice – noodles – homemade eggrolls – much better fare than any restaurant and I felt right at home at the couple’s gorgeous house. Ater dinner the guys ‘generously’ invited me to hang out with them in the basement. I should have known that they were pros – they had a real poker table set up just like at the casinos. I innocently anted up my hard earned money and was taken to the cleaners in the first couple of rounds.

Since the wedding was held in a lovely old mansion, I expected a sedate reception with chamber music playing discreetly in the background. Instead the crowd partied like it was 1999. The bride and groom made sure that there were no strangers at their reception. We all hung out together like old friends and I had a blast!

I’m looking forward to the first anniversary party!



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19 responses to “Wedding Stuff – Sonia and Tai

  1. Amadeo

    #1 Poker rule: If you can’t spot the sucker in 20 minutes, you are the sucker.

  2. miss tracey nolan

    THESE are the beautiful people they’re always talking about! Man, this looks like fun. Love the dancing flower girl : )

  3. Christina_the_wench

    OMG what gorgeous people! Glad you had some fun since all the trauma you’ve been through. *hugs*

  4. Lightning Bug's Butt

    Makes me want to get married all over again. Great looking people there.

  5. Cleopatra Toson

    Jali is being entirely too modest and leaving a key part out! The poem she read brought me to tears (ok, more tears than I was already shedding at the moment). At the appropriate time during the ceremony, she gracefully walked up to the mansion steps and began to recite the poem. Then, she stopped and turned away from the audience to face me and Tai, saying, “I want you to hear this.” Such a simple statement, but so moving because this particular poem was written especially for us on our special day! I am well aware that Jali is an accomplished writer, but what followed was one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever heard! It was (and is…its on the mantel right now) by far the best gift we received! Toasters and china be damned!!!

  6. ~Macarena~

    OOH! Did you make them say “Give me the keys, you fucking cocksucker”?

    The advice column I read always mentions that you don’t get to spend too much time w/ the bride or groom and people are very worried about socializing. Your friends sound like the perfect hosts.

  7. Anne

    Awww… how beautiful.

    On another note, please don’t think I’ve deserted you… I just don’t get to a computer as often as I would like these days. I can read you on my mobile phone, just can’t comment with it.

  8. Lex

    That wedding looks like more fun than any I’ve ever attended. They should definitely have anniversary parties.

  9. Steph

    Aint nothin like a good wedding. The bride looked stunning too.

  10. Elaine

    Gorgeous couple! And damn, that looks like a wedding reception I want to stay at til’ the wee hours of the night!
    Sorry you lost your cashola but at least you had some good eatin’ right?? I was drooling just reading about the food! 😀

  11. Nikol

    That looks so FUN! They are a stunning couple.

  12. Melanie

    great pictures! never play poker with the guys, unless you are willing to lose, at first.

    I am glad you had a wonderful time. 😉

  13. M@

    at least you didn’t vomit on your tux.

  14. phishez_rule

    Wow. The bride looks amazing. I love partying, but to party as a celebration of someone else’s love is just so much better.

  15. C

    What a beautiful bride!

  16. CapCity

    Beautiful! Now, I wanna “hear” the poem U wrote!

  17. heartinsanfrancisco

    What a beautiful wedding! I love weddings, even though I always cry.

    The bride is lovely, and the groom looks like my high school boyfriend. (Sigh.)

    Will you share your poem with us, too? What a great honor to be asked to write one for this occasion. Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures, Jali.

  18. James Burnett

    Hey, I agree w/HeartsinSanFran, let’s see the poem? Please? And those really are good pics of the wedding party. Looks like a fun group.

  19. dalia

    i absolutely love weddings. even better when it’s warm, like in atlanta… my girl got married last week, and the love vibe stayed with me for a few days afterward….

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