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Where’s jali?

I’ve been playing trivia EVERY SINGLE DAY – all day at this addictive website. I’m not listing the addy yet, I want to give you a chance to back away and run from the room.

The site is amazing! If you like music there are quizzes on every type of music you can imagine. do you love movies? There are literally thousands of movie quizzes. Literature, humanities, science, geography, history, celebrities, people, sports are just some of the other topics available.

I thought I knew alot about my “Friends”. I clicked the “TV” link, then went to the listing for the letter “f” and found a page with a listing of “Friends” quizzes which blew my mind!

I’ve joined the page and I play in tournaments daily – I look at it as brain exercise for the brain addled. I was invited to join a trivia team and I’m having a ball hanging with the cool kids.

I decided to star my own trivia tournament thing which you can find at Play our Daily Trivia Game! New Questions Daily!.

If you don’t like my general quiz, then click the top of the page in the left corner where it says “fun quiz”. That’s the main screen and you can choose from there.
I’ll paraphrase Paula Dean, “Come on y’all, let’s play!”



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15 responses to “Game Stuff

  1. Melanie

    *prepares her brain before entering*

    see you there!

  2. Lex

    I love trivia!! I’ll see you there.

    What’s the plan for this weekend?

  3. Elaine

    Jali STOP. Please don’t tell me these things…I’m a bad BAD internet junkie already! and now some website has trivia about FRIENDS? oh jeebus. I’m going to have to check that out now.

    its official, you’re my internet pusher.

  4. Lightning Bug's Butt

    Yeah, I don’t want to know about it, either. I spend way too much time on the Internet as it is.

  5. Kiyotoe

    i’m down…

  6. phishez_rule

    I don’t need any more help wasting time on the internet.

    I’ll head right on over.

  7. Amadeo

    Questions correct: 8 / 10
    You took 114 seconds to complete this quiz.
    Total score: 686

    I rock.

  8. Anne

    Hey girl, sorry I haven’t been around too much lately. I just haven’t been around a computer.

    Trivia sounds fun. 🙂

  9. awaiting

    I blame my score on one anxious kid who was relentless in getting his shoes tied.

    Yeah, that works.

  10. Luke Cage

    You are such a kid! I love it! I’m off to go play. I bet my job’s firewall will block it though. 😉

  11. Steph

    Nooooo! Must. Resist.

  12. Cleopatra Toson

    I love it! Definitely big fun!!

  13. M@

    I thought you were in jalail. I was worried!

  14. C

    We have lost Jali to the Bermuda Trivial Pursuit Triangle.

  15. dirk.mancuso

    Oh Jali — I play one time and now I am hooked. I can see this being a daily thing.

    But can you provide a link to your quiz site in the sidebar for dum-dums like me who don’t know how to find it without clicking on the link in this post?

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