Pro Choice Stuff

Here are a few of the reasons I’m Pro-choice!



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7 responses to “Pro Choice Stuff

  1. Lightning Bug's Butt

    I confess: I love me some Bushies.

    Puts me in an ever-shrinking crowd.

  2. Lightning Bug's Butt

    Oh, you should upload an mp3 of your singing voice to your blog!

  3. dirk.mancuso

    I agree with lightning bug about an mp3 thing.

    (And thanks for the link to the quiz site…)

  4. miss tracey nolan

    : )

  5. animal

    I know, without abortion this country would have 30 million more white people. Scary.

  6. Cece

    Oh no. I hate to say it but I LOVE ME SOME BUSH! Seriously. How can you not? He is funny, smug and arrogant. DO you know how entertaining that is?? Goddamn it, if he hadn’t failed upwards he would be working at my neighborhood deli and be invited to EVERY SINGLE party I throw. He is so sure about everything and yet so wrong. Pure entertainment. Yesterday he actually said at a press conference “Hehe this aint my first time at the rodeo” LOVE HIM. LOVE.

  7. Cece

    Please note (before the hate mail starts) I hate everything he stands for and everything he believes. Everything. But like I said if he lived next door to me it would be so on. We would be hanging every weekend.

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