Corny-Con Stuff

Calling all cool bloggers!

 We’re going to hold the first annual Corny Convention in Dallas, Texas on the weekend of December 6-9. You’ll understand the name as our conceptual engineer develops the plan.  It’ll be a bunch of bloggers and lots of drinks.

This was discussed on “Badger the Witness” that hilarious radio show that airs every Sunday night at 7pm EST.  (This is an actual commercial and I expect to be paid!) Tune in on internet radio at each and every Sunday night.

Dark Damian will be designing the logo for the event.  Elle will be doing whatever she decides to do. (we all know that pirates can’t be controlled.)

Lex is coming (I’m excited to see my girl again!) Katrina is moving there and I’m looking forward to finally meeting her.

There are a couple of other Texans who blog, and this would be a great opportunity to get togther, and I hope that some of you are willing to travel. We can work out accomodations – I have a hotel room and I’m willing to share (there will be conditions – email me)

Restaurant Gal I hope you consider coming. I enjoyed our brunch date and I’d love for you to join us.

Dirk pleeeeeeze try to come down. Please (note: please with a capital p)



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15 responses to “Corny-Con Stuff

  1. wish I could be there. how fun!

  2. (there will be conditions)
    I bet there will.

  3. LBB

    Great idea, Jali. WordPress, now, huh? Good for you, moving on up.

  4. what the heck o happened??!?! I swear…LOL
    You go and change it up on the “word press”…fancy smanchy

  5. M@

    Your house is making my eyes hurt!

  6. Lex

    I can’t wait. I’m “laying over” in Dallas on my way back to Maryland from Minneapolis….um….whatever. That’s what I told the travel department and they worked it out. See you there!!!

  7. Loving the new place, wish I could fly to Texas, sounds like a great weekend, but just got back for a 2 week vacation, damn, timing is everything.

  8. Wow! Sounds like a stunning event miss Jali! Great job and remember to take photo’s…! If possible that is. (smile)

  9. omg. I so wish I could go to that!!! Next time let’s hold a blogger convention in Las Vegas!

  10. It’s a five hour drive for me, and I sure would like to make it! What a great idea, Jali.

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  14. katrice0321

    (Five weeks later…) I’m in!!!

    See ya tomorrow or Friday!

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