Morning Stuff

We discussed our morning routines on a message board I visit. Here’s an average jali morning :

Wake up 9 minutes before alarm goes off.
Turn over to sleep for additional nine minutes but now annoyed because I have to pee.
Get up and look for cigarettes. Now I really have to pee.
Find ciggies – can’t find lighter.
Finally find lighter and go pee. (aaaah)
Hear alarm go off since stupidly forgot to disarm before getting up to pee.
Run to room shut alarm off violently (that’ll teach it).
Step on something in path and hurt foot. (should have moved those boots)
Curse in place.
Brush teeth.
Take shower.
Remember I put old towel in hamper yesterday and have to run wet and naked for clean towel.
Hurt wet foot on same boot I should have moved.
Curse in place.
Grab random clothing and dress.
Grab cup of coffee. (yeah timer!)
Watch news. Get annoyed with local team chitchat. Turn off.
Find earrings.
Check mirror. Ugh.
Leave for work.



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9 responses to “Morning Stuff

  1. damn it, move those boots before you break something.

  2. Confucius say: Wet towel in hamper grow mold.

    Hey, what’s this about Texas?

  3. Awa

    My morning consists of a lot of coffee and a cigar. Gotta have my cigar.

  4. lol, sounds like my morning minus the cigarettes.

  5. I’ve done that naked dash for the towel a few times. It’s even more fraught in shared accommodation. 🙂

  6. hey Jali! taking a hiatus break to check on my blog-folk. I see u moved your blog but not that dayum boot! LOL! nice new place ya got here;-)

  7. My morning consists of hitting snooze for about 20 minutes. Then get up, pee, drag on some clothes, feed the cats, put food in my bag, brush teeth, walk out the door.

    If I’m driving to work I get up a bit later and put makeup on somewhere in there too.

  8. “Run to room shut alarm off violently (that’ll teach it).”

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who believes they can make inanimate objects “pay in pain”! LOL! Great post!

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