Football Stuff

Catch the Giants game?

Watching the New England game?

Today is a great day. 

At 7pm EST today, stop what you’re doing and listen to Elle and DD on their radio show, “Badger the Witness” – call in and make a comment. Hear me? There might be a quiz tomorrow.



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9 responses to “Football Stuff

  1. New England is playing like Godzilla in a fit of Roid Rage.

  2. damn Jali, I don’t watch football, but stopped by to enjoy the new decor.

  3. ~d

    heey! New layout!!
    Looks nice over here!
    I totally was watching foo’ball!

  4. CP

    Yay! Look at your new pretty house! So clean and shiny!


  5. The GEEEEE- Men!!!! Go Jali..! * kisses *

  6. I tried valiantly to call in from San Francisco but the switchboard thing was down.

    Love the new look, Jali!!

  7. meh on football.
    and I agree with everyone here. I loves the new blog look!

  8. 😦

    missed all of thee above.


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