Living Without Guy Stuff or Count Your Blessings Stuff

A couple of weeks ago Guy, my 1987 Mazda, decided he needed a rest. I was on my way to take my trash to the dumpster and he wouldn’t go. He’s been resting comfortably in front of my building since then.

I pass him in the morning on my way to the van pool. I pass him when I return from work every day. I pass him as I lug my garbage to the dumpster and I pass him again on the way to the mail center.

I think Guy has decided that I’m getting too fat, and this is his way of moving me to workout a bit.

When I was driving I would see people waiting in the hot sun for busses or walking in the street. (this area only has sidewalks in random places.) I didn’t think that I would become one of the street walkers this soon.

I can make it without a car, but I’ve become spoiled, and my body isn’t happy with all this new excersize. Shopping for groceries or going to the bank means a lot of extra planning. I need to have change for the bus available. I need to be prepared for a change in weather and I need to have comfortable shoes.

People have been giving me “great” advice: “Why don’t you just buy another car” or “why don’t you just get Guy fixed.” I suppose that people imagine that I’ve never considered either of these options. They must believe I’m the “other sister” (smiling cause that’s another movie I love.)

Apparantly people seem to think that I’m living with an unlimited budget and that the seven weeks I was out of work this summer made no difference to my financial state.

I’m still recovering from the lack of income and a great outpouring of expense during that period. My deductable was $1000.00 and my copayment for each medication is $15.00. I had a little money put away, but it didn’t last long.

My 401k is off limits (I’m getting up there in age and I need to have a cushion) and I can’t afford to repay a loan.

I’m not complaining – there are many others in the world who would feel that I’m living in luxury  – and I am. I have a pretty cool apartment and a job I love. My children are all healthy and happy and doing well. I have great friends who mean the world to me. I have the INTERNET AT HOME!

I guess the point of all this is to remind myself that I need to spend time appreciating what I have. I didn’t appreciate my car and now that he’s resting I think of all the things made easier by being able to drive.

So Guy, (he can feel the vibes) I love you honey and I’ll get you back up as soon as I can.



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11 responses to “Living Without Guy Stuff or Count Your Blessings Stuff

  1. internet at home … now that is a mighty fine luxury.
    I’ll keep guy in my prayers. : )

  2. Don’t you hate when people make simple, obvious suggestions like “why don’t you just get a new car?”

    Huh? If it were only that simple. I feel your pain though sister, trust me.

    By the way, the “Other Sister” was good because of Giavonni Ribisi. That cat is an underrated actor but he always cracks me up.

  3. I went seven years without a car. Now that we have one (it was given to us) I kind of miss the comeraderie of public transportation.

  4. Lex

    I’m sorry about Guy. I hope he’s feeling better soon. But, doesn’t internet at home cure all ills??

  5. awww poor guy! I hope he does feel better soon. And omg. I love “The Other Sister.” hahahaha! Hell most days I am the other sister.

  6. Claudia

    Well my car is on its last legs (or should I say wheels?) so I can relate. I don’t suppose it helps that I am always referring to her as a POS.. what do you think?? lol It seemed like a great idea at the time but she is a 1992 gas guzzling @#$&!#…

    Ok, back to you! lol I hope you get Guy up and running soon! And having internet at home is definitely a GREAT thing!!

  7. Jali! I can so relate. Since I’ve lived in the DC area, I’ve lived without a car. My father, in the regular, asks me, “Why don’t you just get a car?” I politely tell him that my donkey that poops hunnet dolla billz drowned in Katrina. *blank stare* I was pushing a 1991 Celica with a winky eye that shook when I went over 60 (which I always did) BEFORE my rent was $1500. Stop the madness.

    Get lots of books and Sudoku! You’ll make it!

  8. I hate it when people make assumptions regarding my financial situation. My car has over 220K miles on it, I baby it because unlike all the tards that issue the advice, I don’t have money in the back to just whip out and buy a new one.

    Tards! Happy trekking through the city.


  9. I continue to be surprised and amazed by what is truly important, the luxury in which I know I live, and the love of all around me to help me get by–even when the car breaks down. Hugs to you.

  10. I wish I could help, but you know my situation at the moment! Good luck reviving Guy.

  11. You know…I would almost see the genuine emotion you pour into inanimate objects as a disturbing trend…if I didn’t always do the same thing. Still, I KNOW I need to be on some therapists couch….so suddenly, it’s not so comforting. Good luck with your wheels, doll.

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