Blogroll Stuff or “Share the Love”

In visiting some of you guys, I’ve noticed that some of the people I absolutely love on my blogroll are missing from yours. I’ve noticed names I don’t know on some of your pages and I want us to share the joy.  

I don’t have time to visit all the names on everyone’s ‘rolls so I came up with a new plan. (stop taunting me about the October film festival – it’s coming…eventually, just listen to the new plan)

Please post a comment to show you want to participate and I’ll send you a link to a great post by someone who’s not on your roll. Hopefully you’ll also post a link for someone who’s missing on my blogroll and I’ll get the chance to visit new people.  I found some of you this way, but my greed leaves me wanting more. Please find a great post to link, not just the front page link.

The happiest day of the year November 20th will be here soon!!!!! Be prepared! This is just the first warning.



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15 responses to “Blogroll Stuff or “Share the Love”

  1. I have yet to add a blog roll, but I swear I have been meaning to do it for months now, perhaps this is my motivation. count me in because someday I will have a blog roll.

  2. I’m down for the blogroll bidness, though I sometimes find this world too small. It freaks me out when someone I read knows about a blog that’s new to me. It’s part of my selective claustrophobia.

    Lines like my greed leaves me wanting more are the reason we don’t mind having the October filmfest…whenever. I mean, “October” is just a name; you should take the keys off anyone who doesn’t chill.

  3. CP

    I would love to be involved with that. I play a game all the time so that I can read new blogs. I start with a person I know. I go to their blogroll and click a person I dont. I read that blogpost, comment and then, select someone from THEIR blogroll…go to it, comment and go to someone from their blogroll…on and on, til I find a dead link or someone who hasn’t posted since last year. So far, I have gotten as far as 19 blogs before hitting a dead link. I find a lot of terrific blogs this way…and new friends along the way.


  4. I do the same thing as CP on days when I have the time.

    Sounds like you have a great idea Jali! 🙂

  5. christina_the_wench

    *raises hand* Me too. I’m in.

  6. Awaiting

    I’m in too. Just give me a few to go bloghopping. I have been on hiatus and thus neglecting my favorite spots. But I’ll get back on top!

  7. I LOVE bloghopping. I wish my darn job didn’t get in the way of that.

  8. Count me in! I havent’ visited you in a long time. Does that count?

  9. ~d

    beautiful, beautiful Jali! I am so consumed and about 10,000 words BEHIND! You know I am USUALLY a ‘player’…but I cannot right now! Thank you so incredibly very much for your compliments. Not todays bit (5th and 6th) but tomorrows, will give a little insight to how it destroys me when the people I love don’t take time to even NOTICE what I am doing.

  10. Check out any one of the links on my blogroll…you’ll find some interesting reads…here’s my site:

  11. All I know is I keep programing you in and I still have to go to 3 different sites before I get YOU!!!

    It’s like a secret, squirrls post or something….are you in hiding??? HEHEHEHE

    Anyway, *raises hand too* I’m in….

    ~looks around~
    Hey wenchy…I need a permission note from my Mom…LOL ;o)

  12. I just noticed I seemed to have lost YOUR link when my template upgrade happened. I’ll restore you in a flash my love 🙂

  13. Got my link today! You are right, she’s Hi-lair-ee-ous! Fun idea. As if I had more time to kill, but hey.

  14. jalishouse

    Everyone, please check your pages or email. I sent links and I expect to receive links back from all of you soon!

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