Completing the Quest Stuff

It’s only 11am on Saturday morning and I have two whole days with no set plans ahead of me. Weekends like this are the best – I’m not obligated to anyone to appear at a certain time. I’m not committed to perform a particular task by a deadline. I can do whatever I feel like doing.

I’ve been surfing all morning, drawing inspiration from some, laughing with others and I’ve decided to set a goal for the weekend and follow it through. 

My goal is to complete something I started a few years ago. I devoted quite a bit of time to this endeavor, then gave it up without a backwards glance. This project was important to me then, and as I write about it now, I’m recovering some of those old feelings.

I remember searching the internet for answers. I frequented various message boards to garner information about my project. I wanted to be one of the best and I wanted to proudly tell my family and friends that I’d found ways to overcome  the various obstacles set in my path to completion.

I’m getting excited now so it’s time for me to open that box and unpack the equipment.

Wait… (going to unpack the box)

All the parts are there! Everything is just as I remembered. all my research is in order – my notes are here to guide me.

Today is the day! I’m going to start at the beginning and do it right this time. I’ll prove to myself that I’m not a quitter – I can finish this.

I’ve pulled out my Nintendo 64 and I’m going to finally finish playing Zelda, The Ocarina of Time.  See you guys next week.


I have thrown the fucking controller at the screen. I forgot which of those old dungeons I HATED the first time around. Princess Luto is an IDIOT! I hate the Ice Cavern! I can’t remember how to find the running man. Sheesh! 

Did not finish this weekend.



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8 responses to “Completing the Quest Stuff

  1. Awa

    I found Rad Racer online from the original Nintendo and I have been buried in it ever since.

    I am a quitter…or better phrased, a forgetter. I forget every dang thang.

  2. There’s nothing quite like old games.

    That sounds like an absolutely fabulous, utterly relaxed weekend. Mine has been quite hectic, but worth it. I’ve had all of this afternoon and evening free to catch up on blogging.

  3. pissy

    LOL….I love weekends like that….I’ve done nothing but sit on my ass all day today and it’s been FABULOUS! 😉

  4. shondaland

    LOL I remember the N64. It took me months to beat that damn Mario game!!!

  5. i ditto pissy – sounds like a good environment to create in

  6. lol… good luck with that.

    Brings back memories of being obsessed with beating Super Mario Bros. and Contra before that!

  7. You can find all the solutions to the dungeons on this here internet thingy you know. Just google the title of the game with “walk-through”. Good luck!

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