Thanks Stuff

I’m going to get a little sappy today.

I don’t take enough time to appreciate all that I have to be thankful for.  It shouldn’t take a turkey and stuffing to remind me of the wonderful life I have, but it seems that sometimes it unfortunately does.

My family brings me such joy that it’s really difficult to convey my feelings. It always amazes me that my four children, Brooke, Dalerie, Charles and Jack have grown into people I would choose to be my friends. I cried last night when it hit me that I’ve had the distinct honor of watching them grow into productive and successful individuals and that they all made their best efforts to make their mother happy.


Brooke will be joining me in Dallas for my company holiday party next month. She leads a busy life – she’s a manager at a bank in Delaware and is the mother of the charming Hassan my youngest grandchild. She opened her home (and her wallet I’m sure) to her little brother Charlie when he decided to go to college there. I understand the sacrifice she’s making to spend 3 days with me and my heart is just bursting with happiness that she’s willing to make the effort as well as bear the cost and hassle of flying during the holidays.brooklyn-and-haas.jpgBrooke and Hassan


Dalerie lives in Florida with her husband, Tawan and my grandsons Kavon and Jared. We talked for over an hour last night and she’s balancing parenthood with full time work, as well as pushing forward in her fledging songwriting career. Despite her heavy schedule, she’s coming to Atlanta soon, just to see her mommy, and I’m touched.dallas.jpgDalerie

m_36795754029819975a62c648733a09b3.jpgKavon and Jared


Charles goes to school in Delaware (Wilmington College) and works full time – his manager sent him to Virginia a few weeks ago for a supervisory training program and he’s on track for a promotion already. The kid is just 19 and I’m so proud that he’s handling his life so well.  I can’t wait to see him for Christmas.


Jack is just 16 and  he’s doing great in school and he takes the time to check up on his old “ma” on a regular basis.  He’ll come over and sit down and just hang out with me – he can’t imagine how good it feels. He’s an artist and has written and illustrated 2 full length comics. I’m not happy with the language his characters use at times, but his talent amazes me.


All of my children are happy and healthy. 

See – look at all the great stuff I have happening in my life – but wait, there’s more…

I have real friends who show me they love me and it’s wonderful to know. Some of you readers are among those I count as my real friends. I’m thankful for all of you.

I’ve made peace with my ex-husband, Charles and we’re finally friendly.

I just had my review at work and my boss gave me a much bigger raise than I expected. My coworkers treated me like royalty yesterday to celebrate the happiest day of the year – and even some of the couriers and building people took time to stop up and wish me well.  I’m blessed. (or however I should say it since I’m a pagan)

My girlfriend, Brenda, came over to spend the evening with me – taking about boys, and laughing and crying about our lives – she capped off a perfect day. Another girlfriend, Seria, called to tell me that she’s treating me to dinner and drinks tonight at her open mic poetry affair. She already arranged my transportation so I have yet more birthday fun to look forward to.

Adrian and I are still friends and I’m grateful for that.

I wish everyone a safe an happy holiday, and I’m looking forward to stories from you guys on Friday.

<kiss-kiss, hug-hug>




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20 responses to “Thanks Stuff

  1. nothing sappy bout being thankful

  2. LBB

    Hi Jali.

    They all sound wonderful. You should post some of those comics on your blog for us to see.

    Congrats on the raise!

  3. shondaland

    Have a safe Holiday! I can give you stories on Friday when I recover from the turkey coma I’m about to inflict on myself. Giddy up.
    Thank you to you, for being a great blog friend.
    Gobble-gobble! XOXO

  4. You deserve every second of every hour of every day of happiness that you shared in your post.

    Kids–isn’t it the best feeling to see them be all you hoped for, even when you had no idea how it would (will) all turn out?

    Work–isn’t it the best feeling to be recognized and thanked and rewarded?

    Life–isn’t it grand on a day by day basis?

    Happy TG to you, my friend. –The Gal

  5. CP

    “It always amazes me that my four children …have grown into people I would chose to be my friends.”

    This is the most amazing statement a child could ever hear from their mother. I hope you told them this. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving you old softy, you.



  6. If, when my kids are grown, they feel about me the way yours feel about you, I will consider my life to have been well-lived. They are so lucky to have you for a mom, Jali – your descriptions of your relationships with them ring with mutual respect and deep love. It’s beautiful.

    And I’m with LBB – I’d love to see Jack’s comics!

    Happy Thanksgiving, hun – you deserve it.

  7. Lovely post. Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  8. Oh Jali, you are SO blessed. Such gorgeous children…and healthy, happy, creative and productive as well. What more could any mother want?
    I’m a little choked up, being a single mom of four myself. I hope we are all as fortunate as your family has been.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  9. I have to agree with you, although I wish it didn’t take a holiday every year for me to realize it but I am really blessed to be surrounded by the family that I have.

    Recognizing that needs to be a 365 times a year responsibility.

    p.s. – your family is beautiful.

  10. I hope everything went well for you. This was a pleasure to read.

  11. Evertime I come to visit your site you are so fully of hope and it is very uplifting (even when things got you down). I am not at all amazed at how wonderful your kids are they have a great mom.

    Happy belated B’dau!

  12. That made me smile. So much to be grateful for. Sounds like the birthday was happy happy!

  13. Awww. what a sweeet post!! I hope you had a great thanksgiving!!

  14. What a lovely post, Jali. I can totally relate as I am sure I raised my own best friends.

    Your kids are all wonderful people, and both your beautiful daughters look like their mom. You are mightily blessed indeed, as are they.

    Happy belated birthday! I hope it was as incredible as you are.

  15. Awa

    Such a wonderful post! Hope you had a fabulous weekend and Thanksgiving!

  16. Lex

    Thanks for introducing your family. They are all beautiful like their mama! You should be proud.

    Happy Thanksgiving, belated…I was eating.

  17. Whoa Jali….yes, you do have a lot to be thankful for!

    Great lookin’ kids! All of’em.

    You’re in ATL?? Cool!

  18. What’s up Jali. It was at least good to put a voice to the face this past week. Hopefully, we’ll be able to hook up in February.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your family over the holiday’s, spending time can really be a blessing. (you’re pagan, ehh — well we’ll have to talk about that one day soon.)

    Anyway, I’ll holla at you later.

  19. Wow! What gorgeous kids you have. Girl, you must be doing something right. They’re all successful and talented. Hats off to you. xx

  20. katrice0321

    Our children make us better, don’t they.

    Glad it was happy!

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