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I’m a pagan. A heathen. A non believer.

I was Christian for most of my life. I went to Catholic School from 1st to 12th grade. (some of you don’t believe that Catholics are Christian but that’s another story)

I’ve attended religious services with Baptists, Presbyterians, AME’s, Jehovah Witnesses, Nondenominational Christians, Apostolic Christians and a few others I don’t even know the names of.

I say “Merry Christmas” with the best of ’em and I’m willing to listen to a good message but I don’t understand some of the guidelines. and can’t align myself with certain political positions.

You know the story of Jesus’ birth where his mother was turned away at the inn?

By closing our borders and limiting immigration are we not doing the same thing. No more room at the inn?

Why is the innkeeper perceived as the bad guy by most Christians when many advocate building a fence to keep “them faraners” out?

What if your Jesus is one of them?



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13 responses to “Question Stuff

  1. Lex

    Oh, dear. We could go on for days on this topic. I’m right with you.

    Are pagan, heathen and non-believer really synonyms. Or do you mean from the Christian perspective?

  2. *waits with popcorn for the God Botherers to arrive* 😛

  3. Good point, Jali.

    What bothers me are the “Christian” legislators and their supporters who want to refuse the children of immigrants healthcare. What in the pasts of these arseholes has made them so bitter they want to penalize children?

  4. Man…I agree with you wholeheartedly on this one. I find it SOOOO ironic that the same folx who fight to have prayer in school and deny gays their rights are the same ones who want to build fences against immigrants and pine for the death penalty. Something, somewhere, isn’t adding up.

  5. September

    Wow, you know this is one of the most intelligent and catchy arguements for open-immigration I have seen in a very long time. Goes a long way past the old “We were all immigrants at one time” message and hits home for those who are supposed to be loving thy neighbor and brothers.

  6. For some reason, elitism has become the resounding cry of christianity these days. It has been all about cryptic imposition (banning stem cell research), inequality (immigration issues and same sex marriage) and a wholesale lambasting of over belief systems.

    good job on getting the point across with such clarity and brevity.

  7. I’m a Christian who is often called a heathen and a heritic because I like pagan faiths and read up on them, particularly the Norse and Celtic ones. Catholicism ripped off the Germanic and Roman pagan rituals. Personally, I think God is God; there are many paths to truth, and our spirits follow the path that speaks to us the best. As you wrote on my blog: I like your Christ; I don’t like you Christians–Gandhi. It is unfortunate in our country that fundamentalist Christianity appeals to fear, not love. That is not Jesus, nor is it any faith worth its salt. Be a pagan. My guess is God is just fine with that. The pearly gates may have their share. It is the essence of what you believe and practice that matters, not muttering some mumbo jumbo to look good at church. God knows the heart.

  8. I say let them all in, just for the love of the baby Jesus, STOP giving them welfare that they don’t pay taxes for!!!
    ~rolls eyes~

  9. I see where you’re going with this and I wholeheartedly agree …kind of.
    I’m an immigrant to this country and of COURSE I’m going to be for immigration HOWEVER…prior to becoming citizens, my parents filled out all the paperwork, did all the tests, signed up, waited (for 10 years!) to get called and got their family to the U.S. legally. My parents got jobs, paid taxes, saw their children get opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise get in a third world country and then retired. I wouldn’t never want to deny that to any other immigrant obviously but unfortunately there has to be SOME control on some level or there would just be chaos.
    no arguments. just my opinion is all. 🙂

  10. T’is food for thought. Especially in the festive season.

    But the right to immigrate is a gift, not a given. And it needs to be worked for. I’m all for immigrants, but there’s nothing worse than a culture clash. For example, some religions refuse to accept that women have an equal standing in society, and there are members who are willing to go against the law and do whatever they feel to them.

    As one of my co-workers (who I cannot stand) so eloquently says – integrate or piss off!

  11. MuckSavage

    I was just thinking the very same thing !
    Christains me arse !

  12. katrice0321

    First, let me say that the welfare comment was inappropriate. The majority of welfare recipients in the United States are NOT minorities. Welfare is not an immigration problem. Immigrants are some of the hardest-working people on the planet.

    I am a Christian. I also do not get some of the rules and I don’t agree with any of the political opinions. I could go on and on, but bottom line is, I don’t fit the mold either.

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