Variety Stuff

I HATE Zwinkies. A site I visit regularly has a Zwinkie pop up and I get pissed everytime I see the abnormaly annoying big-headed doll creatures. Who uses these things?

Why are the Publix (supermarket) commercials better than most TV shows and movies I’ve seen lately? The one with the doctor alone for the holidays makes me tear up every time. His family surprises him at his apartment at the end. I’ll look for it on the ‘tube later.

I don’t want attitude if you approach me for a donation and I don’t have it to give. How many groups am I supposed to support? I give when I can and because I’m unable to donate my money to your niece’s junior cheerleading squad doesn’t make me a scrooge. I effin’ gave at the office!!! And the supermarket… and at my apartment complex… and at the train station… and the…

Macy*s holiday tree at Lenox Square is the sparsest, Charlie Brown Christmas looking tree I’ve seen in a long time. At night it’s okay since the lights make it seem full, but during the day, it’s pitiful. (I work across the street and it annoys me that the store didn’t do better)

My grandson cracked me up! He told me it didn’t matter what I got him for Christmas, but added in a whisper before he hung up that a bike might be nice. I guess his mom told him to say “anything, Grandma” but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I’ve been searching for “Bumblebee” from the Transformers for the 6 year ofd. He let me know that it’s out there since he saw it on TV so I better get my shop on.

Poetry nights (Wed. at The Green Apple in Atlanta) makes my week. The crowd there is so full of love and support and I’m honored to be a poet in that group. There are so many talented  people here in the metro area – I’m moved to tears almost every week. I got home after 4 am and suffered the next day, but it was worth it. Seria Mills (my girl) is the host and I’ve met amazing artists. (Name dropping section: Ken J., Rahaset, NfaRed, Queen Sheeba, Eliyah) I’ll drop more names next week – when I can remember them.

Beauty and the Geek ended with my favorite couple taking the prize!  Yay!

I’m going to watch the last couple of episodes of Kid Nation on “On Demand” and I’ll come back with a report. Yup – another reality show I admit to watching.

Today to celebrate the season, I’m going to wash my dirty clothes. Yay! Later I’ll party some more and go grocery shopping.

Last bit: Today is day 6 of Atkins! Hells yeah jali.



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10 responses to “Variety Stuff

  1. Go Atkins! Go Jali! Yeah, I’m the first!

  2. Aw, your grandson’s a smart cookie. Couldn’t take the chance you might take him at his word.

    Bumblebee rules! You’re making me want to see that movie.

  3. I so hear you about the donation thing. I drove five minutes yesterday and was accosted 5 times at stoplights for I have no idea what charities.

  4. I’m so with you on the attitude people present along with their demands, which should be requests, for my money.

    I have actually been followed several blocks by angry people I didn’t donate to after they saw me give money to a young girl sitting on the cold sidewalk with a baby.

    It seems they never heard of honey vs vinegar. They should talk to my mother.

    Thank you for adding me back to your links, Jali. I thought you didn’t like me anymore. My world is on its axis again.

  5. Awa

    I hate zwinkies too.

    Ok, So I have not moved past the 4th grade. Feel free to shoot me.

    With a beebee gun of course. I ain’t trying to DIEEEE!


  6. ROTF at your granson suggesting that “a bike would be nice” in such a subtle fashion. HILARIOUS stuff.

  7. katrice0321

    Kids are so honest! And I’m fresh out of donations too, goshdarnit!

  8. I have been living w/out bread, pasta and most refined sugar…in the last year, I have lost 30lbs!!!

  9. I’d love to hear you read some of your poetry…

  10. Yay atkins and yay beauty and the geek winner. Thank you baby Jesus that metro sexual “beauty” (not) didn’t win. God how annoying was he?!?!?!?!

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