All Kinds of Stuff

The ad for the new stupid copycat movie just played and it annoyed me again.

If you check your voice mail and hear your cries of death, it means you’re gonna die a painful death.

Either get the phone on the 1st or 2nd ring or erase all voice messages without listening. I don’t think I remember a more stupid movie premise in a long time.

I’m on day 19 of Atkins – hells yeah jali! I’m proud that I made it through all the holiday feasting without cheating at all.

As a little extra gift, my grandson Hassan got a McDonald’s gift card. He tells everyone that his grandma got him a McDonald’s credit card.

Emeril shakes audience members’ hands on his way to the stage and I’ve never seen him wash his hands before he starts cooking. Yuck!

I treated myself to a massage. Young cutie pie. It’s been too long – my reaction to his hands on me was entirely inappropriate – I’m going back next week.

I joined an online book review club that links me to friends and we can see what we’re all reading. It’s my favorite link right now.

I have a date for New Year’s Eve and one for the following Saturday night. We’ll see…

I love you guys! Happy whatever you celebrate. 



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19 responses to “All Kinds of Stuff

  1. omg you’re right about Emeril!

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and hope you have an even better New Year!!!!

  2. To say that I wish you a fantastic 2008 is an understatement. I wish you the best of the best, always. –RG

  3. katrice0321

    Have a great time, Lady!!

    I have seen Emeril wash his hands before he starts, however I can’t remember him doing it every time. I need to believe that he does that during the commercial break right after he introduces the band.

  4. Happy New Year to you too. Things will be “great in 08”. You heard it hear first.

  5. Good eye on Emeril. Ewwww.

    Is your New Year’s Eve date your massage therapist? Obviously he can’t keep his hands off you. 🙂

    The pendulum swings. 2008 will be every bit as good as 2007 was not. Hugs and blessings to you, Jali.

  6. Lex

    Yay! Congratulations on Atkins. I hope it works out for you. Does this mean you get to eat bacon, cheese and pork rinds all day long? Maybe I’m making the wrong dietary choices altogether….hmmm?

    I’m sure whatever your response was to a young cutie rubbing his hands all over your body was absolutely appropriate. And even if it weren’t, he’s used to it, I’m sure…although….inappropriate for YOU could be in a whole other realm. Now I’m worried. What did you DO?

    I’ll respond to your book club invite. It’ll give me something to do at work tomorrow while I’m procrastinating and stewing about the fact that it should be a holiday!!!!!!!!!

    Date!?!?! Two dates!?!?!?! Dish!!!!!

    I wish you all the best in 2008. You rock and therefore you deserve it!

  7. Oh wow, that’s SO true about Emeril. Never noticed that before.

    Happy New Year to you though!

  8. c

    Hey Jali – thanks for your Avon order! I see you are dating – very good! I met a man too but don’t know where it is going yet. It’s nice to just be noticed sometimes.

  9. Oooh have a smashing time with the date! Wishing you all peace and happiness in 2008, Jali. Happy New Year!

  10. Awa

    Hell, that Emeril is one sexilicious, non-hand-washing piece of HUNK!

    I want a massage and a McDonald’s credit card too! Wahhhh!

    Hope your new year is a happy one! LURBS YA!

  11. Awa

    Ohhhhh, it would be so cool, if Emeril would give me the massage (him or Joe Biden…or Bill Clinton, whomever is free) while cooking me up a Mickey Dee’s double cheeseburger with no onions and no salt on my fries.

    Oh to dream.

  12. Happy New Year, Jali! And congrats on the Atkins success.

  13. Pretty ballsy of you to start a diet before the holidays. That’s the type of discipline I can’t even handle.

    Got your text! Hope your’s was great. I want the details of the date!

    Enough about you. LOL I want your opinion on my “epiphany” post. I’m asking several people to look at what I was thinking and ask if I was heading the right direction.

    Squishies! I’ll try to be better, but if you take a look at my blogging, I’ve been off the wagon. One last thing: I’ll be graduating in May, and Jackson is not that far from where you are. Consider yourself invited on May 10!!!!!

    Heck. Squishies again! LOL

  14. LMAO @ the totally “inappropriate response” to the massage….and the fact that you’re going back next week. Jali…you are bananas! LOL! Great post! Oh…and congrats on sticking to your guns with Atkins!

  15. It’s been too long – my reaction to his hands on me was entirely inappropriate – I’m going back next week.
    I love this about you. I think I could pick you out of a personality lineup, what w/ the karaoke and supermarket singing.

    Happy New Year!

  16. LBB

    Hello Jali.

    I’m bragging about MY McDonald’s gift card, and I’m in my 30s! I’m happy for your grandson.

    So, how did the date go?

  17. christina_the_wench

    HNY, jali. I love me some inappropriate responses. Rawrrrr….

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